Cinema Makeup School’s Next Level of Cosplay competition is back! 

The Cinema Makeup School was founded in 1993 to create a space for aspiring special effects techs and makeup artists. The school focuses on delivering world class training and education on the latest materials, skills, and techniques to ready their students for film, TV, theatre and more!

The Next Level of Cosplay is a contest run by the school with an amazing 1st prize of a $15,875 (est. £12,250) scholarship to the school or a 6 month paid internship. The yearly competition is aimed at creative artists from the costuming community, that really want to take their skills to the next level.

Shiva by Shirak Cosplay. Image by Lee Chapman.

The entrants are initially judged by specially selected judges, among them this year include the world famous cosplayer Yaya Han, three times Oscar winning MUA Ve Neill, who has worked on films such as X-Men, several Batman films, Hunger Games and Beetlejuice, and the Oscar winner Christopher Allen Nelson, who worked on several big, and small screen works like Kill Bill, Star Trek, American Horror Story, The Walking Dead and Suicide Squad.

Bootstrap Bill Turner by Vanessa Pardin

Once entrants are chosen they’re put to the public vote until only 5 remain. While this can be a tough process for lesser known cosplayers that may find it a challenge to push their work out to potential voters, it’s safe to say that a £12,250 scholarship is definitely worth the work. Each cosplayer submits a three minute video showcasing their finished piece and a little about the creation process. Entrants focus mainly on make up and prosthetic work, but that would be wasted without intricately created costumes, props and wigs to go with it, all of which has to be made by the entrant.

There is a great variation of entries this year, our favourites range from a World of Warcraft Orc by Yana Hatsenko, to Pirates of The

Davy Jones by Lexi Gilbert aka The Blue Girl

Caribbean’s Davy Jones by Lexi Gilbert and Bootstrap Bill Turner by Vanessa Pardin, to Final Fantasy’s Shiva by Begona Fernandez Martin. It’s definitely worth checking out all 20 of this years fantastic entries, you can see all of their video entries by following this link!

Considering entering next year? Why not enter the CosXPo championships to make sure your cosplay is really at the next level? Head over to the Competition page for more information and to register your interest!

Following the Next Level of Cosplay competition? Let us know your favourites below!