When Guardians of the Galaxy was first released in 2014 comic book lovers swarmed to cinemas to see the film, and with the super hero world becoming more popular to mainstream audiences now, it was a box office hit. Even before the release, as we often see in the cosplay community, dozens of cosplayers had sourced images from trailers, action figures and behind-the-scenes photos to create cosplays of the characters to wear to the premieres.

Shortly after the release of Vol 1, HurleyFX‘s work on his full body Groot cosplay quickly went viral, he shared progress on the mould and over time developed new techniques for moulding, painting, and even changing the moss features. As you can see the finished article was simply amazing, and such a great likeness to loveable Groot. If you head over to his page you will see that he’s now working on adorable baby Groots, as well various other characters such as Thanos and Maz (Star Wars).

Star Lord quickly became a favourite among convention crowds and with his human features and easy get up, it was a great cosplay for cosplayers old and new. But it was not only Mr Quill that hit the convention floors, Gamora and Nebula also became a popular cosplay, with people experimenting with body paints and those awesome leather suits.

So with the new Vol 2 having been recently released worldwide not only do we have some new costumes from our old favourites, but also some brand new characters! As always we can see some differences from their comic book origins- some more than others- which opens up even more options for potential cosplays. So which recurring characters gain new costumes? Well most of them! Even Star Lord picks up a few additions to his get up. We loved Nebula in that red suit, Yondu’s new fin, and Gamora gets a more casual look later on in the film.

Thinking of starting a Guardians cosplay? For the closet cosplay pros Ego could be a good option, but if you’re looking for a body paint challenge Ayesha or Yondu (who stole the show for me in Vol 2!) could be for you. If you’re looking at taking your prosthetic skills to the next level Mantis, or the infamous Taserface could be a good project. And if you’re crazy enough to get to work on some leather a Ravagers costume might be right up your street, we’ve seen a few Kraglins so far and even original character creations for this motley crew.

We’ve collected a round up of some wicked Guardians costumes below, and if you’re planning a new Guardians cosplay, let us know in the comments!

Mantis by Suhenny Yume