Hellboy Reboot: To Hell With it? Or Run With it?

Hellboy Reboot

On the 19th January this year Guillermo del Toro posted a poll on Twitter asking fans if they wanted Hellboy 3. In just 24 hours over 130,000 people voted ‘Yes’ or ‘Hell, Yes’, 26,000 shared the poll, and once Ron Perlman shared a screenshot of the poll on Facebook over 9000 people shared and over 93,000 people liked the post.

While talks of the third film had been circulated for over a decade since the 2008 release of Hellboy 2: The Golden Army, Guillermo, Perlman and the Hellboy comics creator Mike Mignola (FINALLY) met up following the poll to formally discuss Hellboy 3.

Shortly after in February, del Toro formally announced that Hellboy 3 would ‘100%’ not be happening following their meeting. Perlman mourned the Hellboy franchise (as did we!) and announced he would be taking the day off of Twitter. He posted an article confirming the end of the franchise with a crying emoji. Perlman and del Toro’s passion for Hellboy will certainly live on, and adoring fans will never forget our Red.


Prince Nuada by RocketFuel Cosplay, taken by Jessica Pople



On the 8th March news hit social media announcing an R-Rated Hellboy Reboot with actorDavid Harbour playing the infamous red demon. We’ve seen a huge clash of responses, with some people happy to see Hellboy back on the big screen, while others wondering why Hellboy 3 couldn’t have just been brought to life with the original cast.

With Hellboy creator Mignola on the production team of the reboot, and the not so distant discussion with Perlman and del Toro, we wonder if this has been in the works for a while. Was the outcome of the meeting back in January, caused by Mignola discussing the planned reboot with Perlman and del Toro? There was a wondering at the time, whether the announcement following the discussion was slightly too abrupt for there not to be a bigger reason behind it simply ‘not happening’.




Abe Sapien by The Blue Girl, taken by Nwanzo


There’s also been a mention that the reboot will be a darker retelling of the original tale, which leaves us wondering if the original Hellboy’s wicked humour will be pushed aside.The saviour of the reboot for some may be casting of actor David Harbour (Loveable Jim Hopper from Stranger Things) but for many the reboot will remain a sad reminder that Ron Perlman will never return as Big Red. 

Whether you’re for or against the reboot, if you’re familiar with the original films, or comics, it’s likely that you love it! And what a way to immortalise the films than to cosplay the characters from them? With some awesome character and costume designs, and cool prosthetics, we’re glad to see an influx of Hellboy cosplay announcements hitting social media again. Let us know if you’re planning a Hellboy costume!

Hellboy by Chris Hampshire, taken by Daniel John Cotton Wall