The Virgin-Killer Sweater

The cosplay community is certainly one that goes through phases, particular films or shows can become so popular that our convention floors are a mass of similar costumes. In most recent years we’ve seen large numbers of costumes from Suicide Squad, Attack on Titan, Star Wars and Guardians of the Galaxy (with the new one out get ready for the Star Lord influx!). But back in January when Twitter user @Magane4989 posted a photo of a particularly revealing garment from Chinese otaku store Seventy-Three, naming it the ‘Virgin-Killer Sweater’, we certainly didn’t expect the wildfire contagion that came from it.

The infamous sweater (or jumper to us Brits) first gained some recognition back in June 2016 with hundreds of amateur artists drawing their favourite characters in the garment, but it wasn’t until @Magane4989 that these photos were brought back to life, and very quickly became the meme it is today.

Of course, many of the artists had used the often exaggerated figures of female anime, and game characters, and so this was quickly picked up by the cosplay world- and not just by female cosplayers, see Kawaii Bro Cosplay above taken by Cerberus Fotos. Type in the phrase Virgin Killer Sweater on any social media or image sharing platform and a thousand examples will pop up of various cosplayers wearing the infamous sweater, so if you’ve ever wondered what your Overwatch main, or perhaps your favourite RWBY character would look like in a revealing knit jumper, your wonderings have been answered.

With Texas convention ‘Anime Matsuri’ recently being held at the beginning of April, many cosplayers were quick to add the sweater to their cosplay line up and we have seen people are now getting inventive when including it into their cosplays, with character colour schemes and adjustments. You really cannot fault the cosplay community for their innovation and creativity!
Trends always hit us by surprise, who knows what’s next in the cosplay world! What do you think of the infamous Virgin Killer Sweater? Or have you used it in a cosplay yourself? Comment below!