Set 10 years before the Kirk/Spock era, in what some super fans may call the “prime” timeline of the original films, the trailer for new TV series Star Trek: Discovery has just been dropped by CBS- and it looks awesome.

The trailer introduces us to Captain Georgiou, played by the multi-talented Michelle Yeoh (action fans will know her from films like The Matrix and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon), and the beautiful Sonequa Martin-Green (Sasha Williams, The Walking Dead). The pair walk along a desert landscape clad in white robes and goggles (we think they’ve been in style talks with Star Wars’ Rey).

The series will follow Martin-Green as the lead role, but in a first for the sci-fi series, she will not be a starship captain. Martin-Greens character, first officer Michael Burnham (Yes Michael), seems a firm contrast to the ‘bit of a lad’ Chris Pine from the J.J Abrams reboots, we’re glad to see a strong female lead take us on a new adventure and getting to see more behind-the-scenes of life on a starship sounds pretty interesting. It seems that the key storyline will be the crews interactions with recurring antagonists the Klingons, and of course including plenty of intergalactic battling, big Starships, and phaser shoot outs.

The trailer seems to keep in touch with the originals, with sweet landscape shots of deserted lands, horizons of nearby planets, out of this world characters, and those classic clean cut uniforms. And we all know what that last one means- COSPLAYS! Like the awesome examples throughout this article, we know that we’re in for a Trekkie cosplay treat alongside Discovery.

So what’s the catch? Star Trek: Discovery will only be accessible to watch through a subscription to CBS All Access. Will Trekkies fork out for the show? We can’t help but feel it’s a slight exploitation of fans of the franchise, but in doing so we imagine they’re confident that the show will be worth it.

Regardless we’re looking forward to seeing where the series leads us in the Star Trek universe and there will no doubt be easter eggs along the way. What we’re most looking forward to -of course- are new cosplays from the series. The tailors among the community will have some fun with those classic clean uniforms, prosthetic pros have a few new characters to focus on, and what about that self flying space suit worn by Michael? Planning a Trekkie cosplay? Let us know in the comments below!