Today we all know The Witcher as an action role-playing game created by CD Projekt Red, first released in 2007, but The Witcher started a long time before then.

Did you know that Santatory pictured above is the real face that Anne Henrietta, from Three Witcher 3, was based on? Photo taken by DRportrait.

The Witcher series was a collection of stories written by Andrzej Sapkowski, which originally run in polish sci-fi fantasy magazine Fantastyka, the first of which was published in 1986. The popular series is set on the Continent shortly after a major war between empires. In a world of elves, dwarves and everything in between, the series follows ‘Witchers’ – superhuman beings that hunt deadly monsters.

Since the original stories there have been graphic novels, comics, films and of course, the video games.

The games, now a series of three with the most recent being The Witcher: Wild Hunt, is one of the most awarded game series ever, being named Game of the Year by Golden Joystick Awards, The Game Awards, Gamespot and Xbox Magazine -to name a few. And with almost 10 million copies sold worldwide, we were not surprised when in March 17 it was announced that the 4th game of the series would be happening.


So what’s next?


Ves by Pipa Wolf, photo taken by Kyokyo Cosplay

Well according to recent news Netflix is planning a series and with the franchise continuously growing, the news seemed pretty fitting. The series is said to be focused on the original stories rather than the games specifically, though the games follow the books reasonably closely. And though there are already Witchers series, and a film, we’re familiar with Netflix giving its own spin on things. It seems they’re hoping to deliver more of the messages told in the original tales, so we’re looking forward to some strong character development. Involved in the series will be Tomek Baginski and Jarek Sawko who were both involved behind The Witcher video game Intros with Polish visual effects studio Platiqe Image. With this in mind, we hope the series will be heavy on the CGI.

So are we in for more video game films and TV shows? We’ve recently seen the likes of World of Warcraft and Assassins Creed hit the big screen- both with reasonably mixed reviews. Are we in for another Marmite series? Or will The Witcher Series (name to be confirmed) break the video game to show curse?

What other games would you like to see adapted? Let us know in the comments below!