Wow May flew by! Which means another months round up of our favourite cosplays. We've collected up a range of costumes that focus on a variety of skills and expertise.


I'm sure anyone that has watched the new Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 2 was eagerly awaiting this version of Yondu when they left the cinema and if you're yet to watch it you may be confused by various memes that hit social media following the release (If that's you- Go watch it!). Cindy Salvus Artistry  was quick off the mark to create this Mary Poppins x Yondu crossover and we love that she has used an alteration of Yondu's red leather suit instead of Mary's get up. When we spoke to Cindy she said she didn't expect so much interaction from the costume but we can certainly see why! Looking forward to seeing more future works from Cindy. Photographer: Houston IS Photography.





Next up we have Ynotece Cosplay with her Valkyrie Mercy. Every part of this costume is clean and complementary from the colours to fabric choices. The small details on the braces and trousers aren't immediately noticeable, but along with many other carefully crafted details the costume really stands out. Ynotece really brings the character to life with her poses and photographer Allpo Dayo's images look like they're taken straight from an Overwatch map. Most of the costume is made from foam but looks every bit as sturdy as real metal armour. It's definitely worth checking out her page for some of her WIPs of this costume. 

Another Mercy for our prop highlight this month withNethicite Cosplay and her incredible Mercy wings. She made them for a project at university where she studies Technical Arts and Special Effects. They're not only super clean and neat but they're also wired so that the wing blades light up in various colours (Disco Mercy skin please Overwatch?) With the sturdy outer structure you could never tell the complex wiring beneath the surface. In the video below you can see more of the wings and how firmly they sit on the body form, it's clear that Nethicite has built a strong base and attachment for this costume piece.

We're very looking forward to seeing the full costume which she plans to create later in the year!





If you're after an armour challenge, Monster Hunter might be a good place for inspiration, with dramatic armour and costume based on the monsters within the game. We love Luxlo Cosplays Nargacuga costume because of the soft blend between each piece of the costume, particularly between the armour and fabric based pieces, it really makes it stand out as a singular costume instead of parts pieced together. We also love the dedication to detailing each of the scales throughout the costume and the clean, natural looking fixtures on each piece. Really great cosplay overall! Photo by Con Mom Photography

Honestly, it took us a while to chose photos for this one, even though the costume was made a while ago we came across this recent photoshoot and had to feature it! We wanted to showcaseboth Raven Star Cosplay's amazingAloy from Horizon Zero Dawn and also photographer Miradel. This set looks like something straight off of a Playstation screen and after looking through Miradel's photos you can really see their dedication to setting the scene for cosplayers. Raven Star's costume is so clean and the fabrics used are so perfect and really show off the character design, she could have stepped out of the game herself. From the beaded necklaces, fur vambraces, wig and makeup, Star Raven has really captured Aloy. Great work from both involved!



Last up for this month is Maker & Muse Cosplayas Sabe (left) and Starbit Cosplayas Padme (right) from Star Wars Episode |. Needless to say both costumes look flawless, from make up application to seams but one of the first things that struck us was the smoothness of Maker & Muse's tunic, the fabric is patterned with vertical lines and on close inspection you can see how accurately she has sewn the pieces together. Her head piece is another striking piece of the already fantastic costume design, alongside the long cuffed wig, Sabe's head piece looks firmly attached and the smoothly wrapped hair has been expertly done. Maker & Muse looks as regal as Kiera Knightley herself. 

Starbit (right) has an endless collection of Star Wars costume (we love them all!) but this version of Padme, which she says she used her trusty curtain fabric supply for, is so well crafted from the perfect fit to the soft lining, and even with Padme's natural hair and makeup, the costume is still seriously striking. The red tones from the two together makes for a great pairing, and each compliments the other well. 

Photos by Danarki 



Keep an eye out next month for another Cosplay Showcase round up. Which is your favourite costume above? Let us know in the comments below!