Show your CosPride!

June was historically chosen as Pride Month following the Stonewall riots and has since been a colourful celebration or LGBT+ communities around the world.

Each year we see film, games, television and animation growing in its display of diverse characters from the LGBT rainbow, and of course with characters come cosplays!

We've rounded up some of our favourite LGBT+ characters from the geek world and along with it found some of our favourite cosplays of these characters, enjoy!


When Tracer was introduced to Overwatch in April 2016 she flew into the cosplay world just as quickly as she zips around a map! For anyone that's been hidden under a rock for the past year, Tracer is a playable Offense character in the FPS shooter game, her abilities include teleportation and time travel. In her comic book debut we were introduced to her (adorable) girlfriend Emily and it was confirmed that the loveable pilot was a lesbian.

We're not surprised Tracer became quickly popular among cosplayers, with so many quirky details to her original costume. One of our favourites is Axceleration(pictured left), her Tracer wig has evolved since her first run and we have to say it looks incredible and she really brings Tracer to life. She's filming a tutorial on how to get those sweet spikes so keep an eye out on her social media pages! Photo by Ace Fotograpiya

Sailor Moon is now 25 years old (!) but with the recent revival of Sailor Moon Crystal we're glad to see Sailor Senshi hitting convention floors once more. With their colourful hair, range of pretty weaponry and those famous school girl uniforms and endless characters to chose from, Sailor Moon seems to be a winner amongst cosplayers for a while to come.

Fans of the show that watched the original English dub may have known Haruka Tenou, better known as Sailor Uranus and Michiru Kaioh, or Sailor Neptune, as sisters, close friends, or more famously cousins. But that didn't fool us! And the original holds true that the two were not only partners in battle but partners in love. 

And what better cosplayers to present them than WCS 2015 qualifiers and REAL LIFE married couple Surine Cosplay (right) and Rinaca Cosplay (left)!?Both queens of the sewing machine, the costumes created for this pair are as lovely as they are. And if you've ever shipped Draco Malfoy x Harry Potter, or Tracer x Widowmaker (swoon) check out their pages for their take on those relationships!

Photography by

Captain Jack Harkness, immortal human being, time agent, con man, Doctor (Who) companion andbisexual. Jack, played by openly gay actor John Barrowman, captured the hearts of Doctor Who audiences so much that he became the main character of the spinoff Torchwood. Aside from being such a well loved character, Captain Jack is also well known for being the first openly non-heterosexual character in the DW series. We see his character through various relationships with both men and women (mostly extra terrestrials) and his sexuality spurred endless 'shipping' with several characters of the series, including the 9th Doctor.

Jack paved the way for diversity in the series and while looking for Jack cosplays to feature we came across this cosplay of Captain John Hart (previous partner of Jack) by the awesome and talented Harry Kurt. We love that he has created the bomb used in the episode that almost led to Harts demise and it's great to see a less frequent character being cosplayed. We also love Harry's expression in this photo. Photography by the awesome MattEleven Photography

Once Upon a Time is now in its 7th season with the show now doing a 'soft reboot'. The seasons follow various characters from folklore and fairy tale, mainly focusing on Emma Swan, the child of Snow White and Prince Charming. The series is known for its collection of beautiful costumes and sometimes questionable acting.

Mulan was introduced in season 2, based on the legendary Hua Mulan (you'll know the Disney adaptation of her tale!). Through her travels with sleeping beauty's Aurora we discover she has fallen in love with the princess, although there are hints that Aurora reciprocates her feelings, Mulan never gets to tell her of her feelings due to Aurora announcing her pregnancy.

When we came across these photos of Itsakatt Cosplayand had to share her Mulan. She used materials including (but not limited to!)vinyl and stretch pleather to resin pieces and crushed taffeta, with the top weighing it at 5 pound! A cosplay best kept to the winter months! Really great crafting and overall a fantastic costume.

Photo by Colleen Tappel


Poison from beat-em-up game Street Fighter have been a topic of discussion for years, a discussion mainly based around their gender.The discussion came from her original appearance in which she was labelled as Male, but her large chest and feminine costume suggested otherwise.

The question has been put to Capcom time and time again, and has been returned with a variety of answers from 'it's up to the player to decide' to 'yes she is a post op trans woman'. Fans of the game have come to accept her as a transexual and hope one day it may be formally announced.

In the mean time though, cosplayers of all genders have shown their takes on Poisons costume, with her simple get up it has traditionally been a hit with start up cosplayers or those that prefer simple, closest cosplays.

A few years back the awesome Dat "Manly" Cosplay (left) went viral with a photo of Poison using the mens urinal with a curious glance from an onlooker, swiftly followed by his barely there Hentai Kamen cosplay (check out his Vegeta too!) We think he'd fit right in as Poison in game! Photo by Double Stomp Productions.



Who's your favourite LGBT character? Let us know in the comments below!