Ready for the June roundup?

Each month we look out for outstanding cosplays from around the world and showcase them all here. (Check out our Blog gallery for previous months!) We chose our features based on real skill, innovation, and creativity. We try to include wig work, armour builds, fabric based creations and anything that really catches our eyes. Enjoy this months collection below!

First up is the amazing Twinzik Cosplay with their Purah & Robbie from the new Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Hee-Hee (left) and Hopie (right) are consistently twinning, with make up looks, fabric work, prosthetics and of course their incredible wigs.

When the game was released there was of course an increase in (some amazing) Zelda and Link costumes, but it is always refreshing to see background and lesser known characters cosplayed. Fraternal twins Hee-Hee and Hopie always chose vibrant characters to cosplay and complement each other well, even if the characters are as different as The Grinch and Cindy Lou! Hee-Hee's prosthetic work for this look was so natural and she really brought Robbie to life, while Hopie displayed all of Purah's sweetness with her adorable poses.

The clean wigs were complemented not only by their superbly sewn costumes but also by Mehreen Rizvi Photographys great photo.
Our second feature is this beyond adorable Baby Groot cosplay made by Heroes and More. Heroes and More is a family owned and run shop in Australia for all things superhero, pop culture, and geekdom. They aim to bring life to their shop and encourage interaction and conversation.

The costume was made for Supanova Sydney for the family's own mini superhero, 5 year old Aiden. The suit is made from a onesie with layers of eva foam painted and stuck on to the suit. Mum says that Aiden received lots of attention (rightly so!) and did very well in the costume. We're looking forward to more from this family in the future!

  • Next up is this incredible Deathstroke build by Crimson Coscraftsand Tundra Designs. Both big fans of Deathstroke, the pair had been waiting for the perfect look for the character, until Arkham Origins was released. Crimson Coscrafts says 'my eyesliterally lit up and I HAD to do this version of him. When we both saw the suit, it was instant love and we decided to form another partnership to bring this bad boy to life.'

    Crimson Coscrafts is a 3D automotive with over 10 years experience and with the recent move of 3D printing coming to the masses and not just being kept to Hollywood, he was prepared for the build.

    Once the modelling was completed, the designs were passed on to Tundra designs for printing, this suit alone had over 20 pieces, fortunately he has a couple printers in varying sizes so it helped to speed the process. Tundra then utilised his automotive body work skills in making each piece smooth, this involved a lot of sanding and patience. He then took the pieces and moulded them in silicon. Once all moulds were finished they were cast in Rubber, which helped make the armour more flexible for movement as well as making it light weight and wearable. After being painted, the final part of the puzzle is strapping it up so it can be worn.

    We look forward to seeing more of these builds on convention floors this year, and can't wait to see more from his awesome team!

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As much as we love the more common Overwatch cosplays, we were blown away by this Zenyatta made by Effekted Cosplay and wife ofl0ra. The base structure, made by Effekted, was formed from PVC pipes, foam and wire for most of the build so that different parts could be posable such as the fingers. The head lights up from internal lighting within the mask. ofl0ra focused on the sewing and painting aspects of the costume and we think Zenyatta's weathered metal arms and the floating ball necklace look awesome. We really like the way the build sits on the shoulders, allowing the wearer free movement in the legs, and allows for some great photo opportunities. 

Photo (left) taken by David Ngo (DTJAAAAM)