Spider-Man: New Film, New Spidey


To celebrate the upcoming release we've collected up some of our favourite Spider-Man world cosplayers, but first, why the reboot? Let's take a look at Spidey's film timeline.

Spidey was first introduced back in 1962 and the solo 'The Amazing Spider-Man' hit comic stores shortly after his introductory success. The most recent films (we'll bypass the 1978 um... yeah) have made millions worldwide, but why do they keep rebooting? Well as the MCU takes over the film world, and with these films becoming more dedicated to showing the characters canon stories, it seems that remakes are definitely needed- Comic fans rejoice!

The Tobey Maquire Spider-Man films were originally met with positive reviews, but with the third film in the franchise not being quite up to scratch, we couldn't say the initial reboot was surprising.

The reboot in 2012 starred Andrew Garfield, with the first film being re-titled 'The Amazing Spider-Man' was positively received. Garfield's quirky look and awkward acting had audiences enjoying seeing a slightly more true-to-comic Spidey. We also saw the change of love interests, with Gwen being introduced (as per comic timeline) instead of Maguire's Mary Jane, who we meet later on in the comic world (everyone loves Emma Stone right?) But there was still something missing, and the 2nd film from the reboot was less positively received.

After fans heard that (ANOTHER) new Spiderman was being introduced in Captain America: Civil War there was a definite uncertainty, but even in his few short scenes Cap America, a new love was formed for new Spidey Tom Holland. Not only is his athleticism and gymnastic talent a total bonus, his youthful awe of his fellow supers, and raw teenage naivety is so well captured. We definitely can't wait to see more from him.

But whoever you prefer as Spidey, we can all agree we love a Spiderman cosplay, so we've rounded up some of our favourites, enjoy! Are you excited for the new film? Let us know in the comments!

Lemon Bell Cosplayas Spinneret, suit by IdiotEnginephotography by Bishi Bird

Punk Spider-Gwen byMaid of Might Cosplay, photo by York In A Box, suit by The RPC Studio

Silk/Cindy Moon by Maid of Might Cosplay, photo by York In A Box, suit by The RPC Studio


Punk Spidey by Mattgcosplay

Spider Girl by Maid Of Might Cosplay, photo by JHaasPhoto


Tattooed Deviant Cosplay, photo by Cat&Crown Artwork, suit printed/sewn by Zentaizone, lenses by OracleMade


Jamie Coatsworth as Peter Parker, taken by Cat&Crown Artwork