Each month our Cosplay Monthly Showcase displays our favourite costumes from the month, and can you believe July is over already?!

We're diving in with Captain Amelia Cosplay first up with her incredible Queen Clemmentiana aka the Sass Queen, portrayed by Julia Roberts, in 2012s Mirror Mirror. The Snow White recreation displays some beautiful costume designs byEiko Ishiokaand we think Captain Amelia made a great (if not mad!) choice with this red dress. Alongside Helen Alice Cosplay as her Snow White, Captain Amelia competed as UK representatives at the ECG finals this year and we couldn't be prouder.

The obvious attention to detail makes the costume so lovely to look at, from the FIFTEEN (!) metres of her bright red skirt, to the naturally curled and style wig, and the intricately sewn white, peacock feather detailing on the bodice. We love Captain Amelia's strong, pride, queenie pose. Check out her page for a video of their finals performance.

Stunning photo by Kerrit Cosplay and Photography



If you've seen The Incredibles you most likely adore Edna Mode- and if you don't we can't be friends.

With the news of The Incredibles 2 FINALLY being announced, and due to hit the big screen some time next year, what a better way to celebrate than with this awesome cosplay by the incredible (sorry not sorry) DKerper Arts?

Dkerper Arts is not only an artist and baker but also a cosplayer! We were blown away by her Edna, the sassy pose, the sharp black bob, the scaled sleeves and the puffy ringed skirt that somehow orbits her body perfectly!

If you like dark, surrealist artwork be sure to check her out! Photo (left) by Disney Loving Chico.

Some more girl power now, Amazonion Cosplay as Amazonian Queen Hippolyta, most recently seen in DC's Wonder Woman. Mother of our favourite girl in red and blue, fierce warrior, and queen of Paradise Island, Hippolyta followed Wonder Woman from book to big screen and many of us, along with Amazonian Cosplay, quite rightly fell for her.

We really liked the skirts in this cosplay, Amazonian Cosplay used a faux crocodile skin fabric and then lined each scale with gold to really make the details pop and blend in with Hippolyta's golden theme. The armour pieces are made from foam and then primed, sprayed, painted and weathered. The sword is mainly foam with worbla detailing on the hilt.

We really love the way her crown floats over her hair in true super style using clever hidden attachments.

Photo by Valentin Offner Photographe for Kosupics.


From one blonde to another, the amazing Junkers Cosplay Inc. as link from Zelda Breath of the Wild.

The design was Junkers first cosplay project usingAutoCAD and wow, we're impressed. Most components of the costume were patterened with AutoCAD, including he tabard, shield, sword and sheath, along withsome other armour details.You can tell Junkers has some serious skill with the insane symmetry in this costume.

The clean shapes of the shield along with its awesome paint job make for a great cartoon colour pop. We really like how well the armour fits his body, making him look like a real life hero. And no ugly fastenings in sight!

Junkers doesn't only look the part, he's also recently engaged to his very own Zelda (check out his and JS Cosplays page for more photos) - Congratulations! For more details and patterns for this cosplay be sure to visit his page.


Wig: Epic Cosplay Wigs/ Pisara Wig // Tabard by JS Cosplay

Photo by Tiffany.H Productions




What was your favourite cosplay from this months showcase? Let us know in the comments below!