Cersei Cosplay

Game of Thrones Season 7: Winter is Here. War is Here.

Cersei Cosplay

WINTER IS HERE! The premiere of Season 7 will arrive on screens 16th July, and will be steering even further away from the canon timeline of the books than it has done in the past. With so many alterations in the adaptation, it may be a relief to fans that the series is taking it's own path and most likely developing an alternate ending to the novels by George R.R Martin (at least when he gets round to releasing his ending). We've looked back on the last season and found some of our favourite Game of Thrones cosplays from the series. So where did we leave our Seven Kingdoms?

It has been a rocky ride for Cersei over the past few seasons, losing two children, being held captive, and made to walk through the the streets naked while onlookers haul food, stones and insults at her. But as Cersei has proven, she is a Lioness and Lioness' fight back.

She gained a handy new bodyguard who was revealed to be the no-longer-deceased-but-kind-of Gregor, and ended the season blowing up half of her now queendom with wildfire, including those pesky Sparrows, her cousin, and Margaery. This though unfortunately led to the demise of her only remaining child, poor, innocent Tommen, who threw himself out of a window.

Septa "Shame" Unella is sent to the dungeons for some well deserved payback. And a mourning Cersei, in an incredible new black outfit, is crowned Queen of the Seven Kingdoms.

Cersei by Amazonian Cosplay (left and above), photography by Pipa Wolf Cosplay.


Jaime Lannister Cosplay

Speaking of Cersei's crowning, Jaime returns to Kings Landing just in time to see his lover/sister/twin being appointed to the throne. It's been a rough season for Jaime too... there's a theme here.

After arriving back from Dorne with a deceased Myrcella, he continued his fight to free Cersei, and overturn the greedy High Sparrow, who was manipulating the king to increase his power of the city. Jaime's bastard son and then King Tommen, removed him from the Kingsguard and ordered him to journey to Riverrun, which had been taken over by the Blackfish. Jaime is enraged by the fall of their power and his sons orders, but Cersei convinces him to leave with the hopes that in a Trial by Combat, the zombie Mountain will succeed for her. This of course does not go quite to plan when Tommen, manipulated by the High Sparrow, outlaws the act of trial by combat.

He wallows in the muddy camps and tries to come to an agreement which is refused. Jaime is reunited with our girl Brienne and she reminds him of her loyalties to the Stark family. The Lannisters eventually overtake the castle before his return home.

Jaime has been a complicated character, as many Game of Thrones characters are, but whether you love or hate the gold handed Lannister, you can't deny his dedication to Cersei.

Jaime by Ardent Cosplay, photography by Dragonfire Photos.


Arya Stark Cosplay

Another character to have shown continuos dedication is fan favourite and mini powerhouse Arya Stark. She ended season 5 with H'ghar removing her sight, and her first appearance in season 6 showed her begging in the streets before the Waif beats her.

The first few episodes follow suit, until H'ghar accepts her loyalty and she once again vowed she was no-one. He enlists her to kill a travelling actress but she warns her instead and once again the Waif comes after her after receiving H'ghar's acceptance to kill her. After she manages to escape with brutal wounds, the actress takes her in but shortly after, the Waif (seriously she started to get annoying) appeared again and killed the actress.

This fuelled Arya's fire and after leading the Waif in to darkness she killed her. She returned to H'ghar who was ready to accept her as no-one but she declared her true name as Arya Stark and left for home (cue cheers!). After arriving back in the North she borrowed a face, cooked up Walder Frey's sons into a pie, fed it to him, then slit his throat.

Needless (Needle, get it?) to say, we're looking forward to Arya Badass Stark getting back in to play in the Game of Thrones.

Arya Stark by Fata Morgana Cosplay, photography by Photographer Renate Pederson


Daenerys Cosplay

Daenerysof many names and titles starts the season being captured by Khal Moro and the Dothraki. They claim the widow of a Khal should spend her days among their women, of course she disagrees and asks for them to follow her. When they refuse she sets the thatched tent on fire and kills them all, departing unburnt, the Dothraki stand in awe before bowing to her in allegiance.

After returning to Meereen, slave masters attack the city, so she rides Drogon in to battle and the three dragons destroy the fleet. Theon and Yara arrive to pledge their allegiance to Dany, along with some flirtation between the women, and Dany and Tyrion accept. 

The season ends with a shot of Dany sailing the seas towards Westeros with her various alliances in pursuit. Has she gone too far? Has the rage and obbsession of her father, The Mad King, run through her veins too strong? Or is she the rightful queen of the Iron Throne? At this point, there are so many possible kings and queens that we can't help but love. But we also know that this means someone is due to be killed off. But who will it be? Whatever happens in the coming season we are eagerly awaiting the first episode to drop. 

Who do you think will win the Game of Thrones? Let us know in the comments below!

Daenerys by Lily on the Moon, photography by Valentin Offner Photographe for Kosupics

Cersei Cosplay Red

Cersei by Quinzel Cosplay, photography by Senergy Photography

Cersei Cosplay Details

Cersei by Amazonian Cosplay, photography by Pipa Wolf Cosplay

Catelyn Stark Cosplay
Catelyn Stark by Ivanneth Cosplay photo taken by Trix.