Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn - Stormblood

Did you wait for months for the release only to then queue for the server for hours on end? Sounds about right, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, the Stormblood expansion is here, the servers are back up, and we could not be more excited!

Stormblood picks up right where Heavensward’s left off. The central character is introduced as Lyse, who fights to liberate her people from the Garlean empire. The main story quests are full of drama, with really interesting stories that will stop you skipping the chat sequences.

Stormblood boasts six new areas to explore including a new method of exploration- swimming and diving, although there is no underwater combat there is plenty of resources to gather and some quests to help you navigate. As with most expansions it lifts the level cap from 60 to 70 and plays host to a new residential district. The new residential district Shirogane is not open for sale just yet however if you visit you can see the beautiful area which, similarly to Kugane, takes influence from Far Eastern styles.

Chocobo cosplay (left and above) by Chocobo Girl. Photos fromFinal Fantasy Festival.

One of the big additions to the Final Fantasy world in Stormblood was two additional jobs to choose from. They were shown in the trailer where we saw fights taking place above a beautiful landscape and then again within the city itself. The Far Eastern influence continues heavily through both the new area, music and with the new jobs.

Samurai is a new DPS job and has a two-handed Katana. The job starts at level 50 but it also shares gear with Monks. Samurai’s store energy in their Katana for a special attack and use various swordplay techniques. This job has been shown in various other games in the franchise also including Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy X by Auron, and although the style has remained quite similar, they have updated the costume and armour. There are also some updated moves that resemble the old class. There is definitely some feelings of nostalgia to be had if you have seen this job in previous games.

This job was announced at Final Fantasy XIV’s Fan Festival in 2017 and was shown off by the director and producer Naoki Yoshida (left). The beautiful Samurai outfit was designed and made by Maul Cosplay and a team of other crafters.Naoki Yoshida (left) as a Samurai, photography by eosAndy.

Red mage was the second job to be released with Final Fantasy Stormblood. These Mages are a ranged DPS job that use a Rapier and a Magicked Crystal Medium which looks similar to the usual Mage staff. Again this job starts at level 50 but also shares gear with Black Mages and Summoners. The Red Mage is a mix of melee attacked and ranged magic attacks.

This costume seemed to be the most exciting to cosplayers as in the trailer, the beautiful flowing outfit Lyse wears showed texture and movement that would pose a challenge to the crafter however would pay off massively when executed right.


Lyse Cosplays by Nariko Star Sophie Cosplay Shop & Annie Cosplay.

So what’s you’re favourite Final Fantasy character to cosplay? Do you prefer Clouds and Yuna's, or is your dream cosplay a Chocobo? Let us know!