'This war has no end, Guardian'. Are you ready to rejoin it? Destiny 2 is almost here!

Destiny 2 is almost here! Where did it all start?

In 2014 Destiny was born when Bungie released it's first new console franchise since the Halo series. Fast forward millions of sales, dozens of awards, and three years later, we're finally seeing the release of Destiny 2.

Within 10 days of Destiny's public beta test being released on PS (and later Xbox), around a massive 4.6 million players logged on to play. The game was well received for it's strong story line and expansion quality, dropping four expansions with new content including missions and new PvP modes.

The First Person Shooter begins with players taking on the role of a Guardian. In the Destiny world the Guardians aim to protect Earth's last safe city. Players are tasked with reviving a being called the Traveler, planet-hopping along the way to destroy alien threats.

Where do we begin in Destiny 2?

Destiny 2 will be set one year following the events of Rise of Iron. The teaser video released recently shows Guardians from each vanguard being rallied together, as Ghaul heads up the Cabal on an attack of the Tower andThe Last City. Ghaul succeeds in removing the Guardians powers and they flee the Tower, which leads them to begin a new journey, seek new powers, and explore new worlds.


Iron Banner Titan Amour by Candy Valentina made with foam from CosXPo sponsor Poly-props! Photography by Justine Louise Photography

  • What's new for Destiny 2?

  • Vanguards
  • In Destiny 2 we'll see the same guardian classes, Hunter, Warlock, and Titan, but with a few gameplay alterations.

Hunters will receive the new sub-class Arcstrider, which will replace Bladedancer. Arcstrider's super will increase mobility speeds and include an electrified staff.

Warlocks will gain the new sub-class Dawnblade, with a super named Daybreak, this solar-based move will replace the original Sunsinger. The new super creates Light blades which can be used to attack from mid-air.

The Titan's will receive the new sub-class Sentinel, which will replace the original Defender. This new super will allow the guardian to block enemy fire with a summoned shield.

Weapons and Armour

  • Along with guardian alterations, weapons and armour have been updated for Destiny 2.
  • Weapon types, originally divided by Primary, Special, and Heavy, will now be categorised as Kinetic, Energy, and Power weapons.
  • As well as weapon changes, the armour stats have changed slightly as well. Instead of the previous stats Strength, Intellect, and Discipline, there will be instead be stats for Armour, Recovery, and, Agility.


Trials for Osiris TitanCosplay by Maggzy Cosplay, photography Valentin Offner Photographe for Kosupics

Prefer to watch than play? Or want to suss out the game before playing yourself? From 6th September, Twitch favourite Ubaau will be streaming Destiny 2 from 11pm Sun-Fri for the whole of September. Join the Ubaaiyan family and watch the story line unfold along with banter, awesome game play, and most likely a little bit of game rage! Click to follow and watch on Twitch and be sure to subscribe on Youtube.






Titan cosplay by No Heroes Cosplay, Photo by Lucy Donald for LWL Cosplay



Hunter 'Wasp' Cosplay by Rage Against The Sewing Machine, photo by Kyle McVean Photography.

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