It's Valentine's Day! So we're sharing some cosplay love.


Today we'll be celebrating all kinds of love in the form of the cosplay couple! Whatever genre you like to cosplay from, there's no doubt your favourite characters have a counterpart. Whether that be a bestie, lover, or partner in crime! Scroll through today's blog for some of our most recent couple faves, and some awesome cosplays!

The Power Couple

Think of your Batman and Robin, your Gambit and Rogue, your Tonks and Remus. The fictional world is full of power couples, romantic and plantonic. The power couple is generally attractive, strong, and dynamic- and not necessarily super powered.

We've seen a few new power couples hit the screens recently, like Aquaman and Mera in the recent Jason Mamoa film, Princess Bubblegum and Marceline (who finally got their on screen kiss!), and Cheryl and Toni on Riverdale.

Aquaman: King Tide Cosplay Mera: Onyxeia Photographer: Sonesh Joshi


The Comedy Duo

Mary Poppins and Bert, the heart of one of everyone's favourite family film. We always wondered if the pair had a romantic past (or future) but their platonic banter was magical either way!

Photographer: Matthew ElliotMary Poppins: Pixieholly CosplayBurt: RossECobb Cosplay

The Unrequited Love

Like Beau and her constant attempts to woo an uninterested Yasha, we often see an unrequited love pair in our favourite films, games, and series. Remember the heartbreak of Mulan x Aurora in Once Upon a Time? Snape and Lilly (SADDEST EVER), Mrs Lovett and Sweeney Todd, Jacob and Bella, the list goes on.


Beauregard: Rage Against the Sewing MachineYasha: Van Helen Cosplay Photographer: So Say We All

The Power Couple with LOTS of Power

The Dragonball universes are full of Supers, from Saiyans, insane martial artists, Gods, and some very FIERY women like Chi-Chi! Nomes and Chris will be both be hosting panels at CosXPo 2019- head here for more info!

Chi-Chi: Nomes CosplayGoku: Chris Minney

The 'Will They, Won't They?' Couple

Like Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon, with the never ending memory-loss-start-all-over-again's, there's no shortage of 'will they won't they' couples. Like Ross and Rachel (He was her lobster though), Nessa and Smithy, Buffy and Spike, Buffy and Angel, and Katniss and Peeta.




Tuxedo Mask: Enja Cosplay Sailor Moon: Stephanie Dola Cosplay Photographer: Catberry Photography

The Partners

Whether in crime or against it, The Partner couple comes in many shapes and sizes, sometimes with a main protagonist and sidekick, or one bad ass team. Mostly platonic, but often with some underlying romantic feelings.


CC: Nomes Cosplay Lelouch: Chris Minney Photographer: William Tan

The One True Love

Leia and Han certainly had an interesting start, but true love can't be avoided, not even galaxies apart. They shared in love and loss, and battle. The one True Love couple melts even the stone-coldest of hearts. The Minato and Kushina's, the Rapunzel and Flynn's, The Gorgo and Leonidas, the hungover pizza order confirmation... wait.


Leia: Cara Cosplay Han Solo: Escape Cosplay Photographer: Starbit Photography

The Innocent Ones

Pure innocence, cry-with-cuteness, young love. How two robots could show so much emotion and love I still don't know (honestly what a film!). Think of your Chibi Moon and Helios, Aladdin and Jasmine, and the Danny and Sandy's.


EVE: Van Helen Cosplay Wall-E: Outlaw Cosplay Photographer: Carlos Adama


Whether you're staying in for pizza, hanging with pals or wining and dining with a loved one, have a great Valentine's Day!

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