It's International Women's Day. Let's hear it for the ladies.

It's International Women's Day!

Today we're celebrating the wonderful woman! We're sharing some of the most badass, smartest, kindest,  strongest, and the very best female characters (and cosplayers!) in games, film, comics and more!


The Lovers

Whether she was brought to life from clay, or by Hippolyta and Zeus, Wonder Woman is definitely made of good stuff! She believed strongly in helping those that couldn't defend themselves, and was often shown as kind and pure, and led by Love, instead of battle and war.

Wonder Woman (Diana) was made to showcase a somewhat unconventional and liberated woman, but she was often the damsel in distress in her comic book early years, and even put as secretary for the Justice Society of America (even though she could have kicked all their butts). Now though she's had her very own film, and paved the way for more female-led goodness. Who else can't wait for Captain Marvel!?


Wonder Woman: Cutiepiesensei Photographer: Candidjohnkim

The Warriors


Be like Lagertha, love hard, fight harder! Lagertha was a QUEEN in all aspects throughout Vikings, and we're sure there's more to come from her. Lagertha fought in battles with no less fierceness and fearlessness than the men around her. And fought just as hard with her heart as she did with her sword.

P.s: Check out the WIP's for this costume, some insane work put into this!

Lagertha: Braith Cosplay Photographer: Wussupyz

The Confident


Deadpool wasn't convinced by Domino's talents, but she certainly was. And proved herself too. She didn't only have luck on her side, but an eye for opportunity. We should all be a bit more Domino. Go forth, 'shoot luck lasers out of your eyes' and get it!

Domino: Jade ValkyriePhotographer: Dapper Geek Pics

The Brave


The Valkyrie were Norse battle angels who took those fallen in battle to the great Valhalla. Thor Ragnarok's Valkyrie was much the same, but lead Odin's personal unit of Shield-maidens.

We see the fate of her beloved in a flashback from the film, which leads her to her drunken fighter-hunter self at the start of the film. Regardless of her hatred and anger, she puts it aside to step back into battle with her new found friends.

Valkyrie: Maweezy Cosplay Photographer: Dadadoo Photography

The Thinkers

International Women's Day is also about reminding the world of those forgotten. Inspired by the uncredited and uncelebrated women behind scientific discoveries, inventions, and medical cures. We now see lots of super smart women in new media.

Like Violet Baudelaire (A Series of Unfortunate Events) and her incredible mechanical mind, neuroscientist Lynn Stewart (Black Lightning), hacker-pro Nomi (Sense8), Brightest Witch of her Age Hermione Granger (Harry Potter), mind as sharp as her hair Lisa Simpson, the list goes on.

Big up the ladies studying hard, and saving the day.




Violent Baudelaire: Mimi Reaves/The Puttanesca Project Photographer: Susan Mendel

The Mothers


Beatrix Kiddo's revenge killing spree was fuelled by the hurt from losing her daughter before she had even the chance to meet her. Moral of the story is, don't mess with mothers...especially if they're a trained assassin.

Beatrix Kiddo: Helene Beatrix Cosplay

The Leaders

After watching her fathers death, and then the rape and murder of her mother, O-ren (Kill Bill) went from strength to strength. Later becoming the leader of the Crazy 88. Admired, loved, feared.

Like our favourite Star Wars gal Leia, and Kushana from Nausicaa, the women leader character often come from a background of hurt, kidnap, loss, and/or abuse.

O-ren Ishii: Nmngh Cosplay Photographer: Codybre Photography

The Underestimated


Until the most recent films Mera was always 'Aquaman's Wife'. Even in the comic world, she was hugely underestimated. But through her various timelines she suffered with the loss of her child, the death of her partner, constant attacks on her city, struggled with her own mental health, and lived a dangerous double life.

Mera: Onyxeia Photographer: Sonesh Joshi Photography


Thanks for joining us for International Women's Day!

We hope you're giving lots of love to your fellow women today! Your sisters, your nan, your Transgender fam, the aunties-that-aren't-really-your-aunties, your teachers, your doctors, your old mum.

Let's hear it for the girls!

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