It's Free Comic Book Day! Time to celebrate the underrated.

Happy Free Comic Book Day!

Comic characters have come to life more than ever with blockbuster franchising. Our screens are fullof the toughest, coolest, and most badass characters from the comic book world. Free Comic Book Day was born to help promote independent comic stores, but what started in North America is now a worldwide celebrated day.

As cosplayers, we love a comic as much as the next nerd! But we speak enough about our Wonder Women, our Captain Marvels, our Supermen, and Thor's. So today we're sharing some lesser known, and underrated characters from DC, Marvel and more, because we all need a little variety!

Character: Artemis Crock

Publisher: DC

Who are they: Artemis is the daughter of two villains. Artemis (later known as Tigress) is a ranged weapon master, taught by Green Arrow himself. She's a superhuman fighter, villain (but sometimes a  hero) and a skilled hunter-tracker.

Cosplayer: TayDuffy Photographer: Amaleigh Photography

Character: Hawkgirl

Publisher: DC

Who are they: Hawkgirl is mace weilding, pyscho-reactive, wing wearing Thanagarian, often seen with Hawkman. While they're both pretty cool characters they've both had more iterations and reincarnations than you can shake a stick at. But there's no denying she's a great character, both in abilities, and looks (who doesn't love wings?) and we think she deserves some more air time.

Cosplayer: Axceleration Photographer: Rulison Photography


Character: AquaLad (Kaldur'ahm/Jackson Hyde)

Publisher: DC

Who are they: Aqualad is an Atlantean/Human hybrid. He was the second Aqualad from DC comics and went by a few alias' overtime. Jackson Hyde in this case, was a superhuman protege for Aquaman and eventually took over his responsibilities as 'Aquaman II'. He's a hydro-sword wielding, hydrokensis using, under water living being, all pretty cool by my standards, but not celebrated enough in the comic world.

Cosplayer: Melpool Photographer: Sumiko.foto

Character: Moondragon

Publisher: Marvel

Who are they: If anyone has a few interesting stories to tell it's Moondragon. She's the daughter of Arthur Douglas who was killed and turned into Drax (Yes, Dave Bautista's Guardians character) but she was then adopted by Thanos' dad (YES THEE Thanos) where she was raised by monks. At some point she hung out with the Avengers, met Odin, and even had the Mind Stone (YES THE INFINITY STONE MIND STONE) at some point. SERIOUSLY, where was she in all of these MCU films? I need me some Moondragon screen time please.

Cosplayer: Mojo JonesPhotographer: Carlos Adama

Character: Black Lightning

Publisher: DC

Who are they: Black Lighting is man of very many talents, the coolest one being Electrokinesis. But he's also a former athlete (Olympic level), School Headteacher, community leader, and a great dad to his two super kids. Thunder and Lightning learn under his watchful eye once he learns of their talents in the recent adapation, but he was less accepting in the comic world. His kids are equally as awesome as him and let's not forget his super smart ex/wife. Even though he recently got his own Netflix show, he's still relatively unknown and the series (which is awesome) hasn't been spoken about like other super-series have.

Cosplayer: Coretoonz cosplay Photographer: images-by-George

Character: Spider Jerusalem (Transmetropolitan)

Publisher:Helix/ Vertigo

Who are they: Spider is a (very) foul mouthed, renegade journalist slash corrupted president fighter. He was hardened by the war torn world brought to life by Warren Ellis' edgy, cyberpunk, 'transhumanist' comic series.

Cosplayer: Mary Photographer: Butrix Production

Well, turns out when you decide to write a blog on lesser known characters, cosplays of them are hard to find.

But hopefully you still enjoyed our little run down of some bad ass characters because they all need a little more airtime.

Have you cosplayed a comic character that's underrated, or nearly unknown? Let us know!