Happy Father's Day!

Check out some of our favourite dads in Film, TV, Comics, and Anime.

Happy Father's Day!

There's a few stories about Father's Day origins, from mining incidents to the Catholic celebration of Saint Joseph (You know Jesus? His dad). Nonetheless, big up to all the dads out there today!

Today we'd like to celebrate some of the best dads in the comic, anime/manga, film and TV world. From super hero dad's and King's, to Priests and wizards.

Starting off with an adoptive dad, Shiro Fujimoto (Blue Exorcist)


Shiro adopted twin boys (real father: Satan) and brought them up despite them often being quite a challenge. Though his profession lies in the Church, Shiro has shown to accept those from the darker side with open arms. In flashbacks we see that he started off as a bit of a cold hearted teen, but he turned out to be a funny, kind hearted man, and a great dad.

Cosplayer: Undy from Undy & Mephi Cosplay & Costume

Photographer: Fujiryu Photography

Another adoptive dad, this time from the Marvel world, Cable.(Aka Nathan Summers, child of Cyclops and Jean Grey...kind of but that's another blog)


We've seen Cable jumping back and forth through time more than once (you know superhero stuff), but the stories most people know him from are those with Hope Summers, his adopted daughter.

The mutant child was said to be the anti-Christ but Cable saved her and took her in as his own. He then followed her through more back and forth's through time, avoiding the Avengers and Purifiers (mutant nazis), and generally getting into a whole lot of trouble to keep her and others safe.


Cosplayer: MrSquidbeak84

Photographer: Carlos Adama

Running theme here... another adoptive dad. This time Obi-Wan Kenobi, Star Wars.


Obi-Wan mentors Anakin Skywalker after meeting him as a young child. And, many years later, mentors Anakin's own son Luke Skywalker. Across the films we see him training and guiding both of them on their journeys in the absence of their real fathers. He's a powerful Jedi known for his wiseness which, he tries to pass on to the blooming Jedi's.

Even in his Death Obi-Wan returns to help Luke along his path to become a Jedi- even if Luke consistently ignores him *ROLLS EYES AGGRESSIVELY*.


Cosplayer: Freemon Photographer: WidowFX

Next up is Stoick the Vast, Viking, Warrior, Dad.

Stoick's character is pretty similar from book to film. He's a proven warrior, a good leader to his tribe, and a pretty stern dad to Hiccup.

He only wants the best from his son although he doesn't always show it in the best way.

BUT Stoick does suck up his pride and learns how to show love to his son. In the films we see him trust Hiccup's idea for a new world where Viking meets Dragon, and in both book and film he often jumps in to save him (by often we mean on multiple occasions).



Cosplayer: Dudus Arrrt

Photographer: Scanner Darkly Photo Blog

A purest of pure kind of dad up now, Arthur Weasley (Harry Potter)


He may be a biological father to 7 children, but Arthur is an adoptive father to pretty much anyone that needs it. But most importantly to the Boy Who Lived, our guy Harry Potter.

He's shown to be consistently compassionate and considerate, no matter what sort of nonsense (and dangerous stuff) his kids get up to. He's a perfect balance to his hardworking wife Molly whom he shows unfiltered love to. A good mentor, role model and general nice guy.



Cosplayer: William Blumberg Photographer: York In A Box

Time for another family man, Gomez Addams.

Known for his pin stripe suit and excessive cigar smoking, Gomez is also a pretty nice guy. And not to mention, a pretty top dad. He constantly shows support for people around him, especially his kids, even when they're up to no good, putting themselves and others in danger, and generally being Addams.


Cosplayer: TigerLily Cosplay Photographer: Tascha Dearing Art

Iron Man/ Tony Stark, Marvel Universe.


We've seen Tony play dad a few times, most Notably for Peter Parker (Spiderman). But while he's shown to be hard on him, his love and support for Peter only grows over time. In Endgame we see him take on the role of dad again with Gamora, and although it's a fleeting moment in the film, his patience in teaching her to play is tear-jerkingly heart warming. And we can't miss out the iconic 'I love you 3000' from his actual birth child with Pepper, Morgan. His playful relationship with her was the final step to become who he was truly meant to be in the MCU. WE LOVE YOU 3000 TOO TONY.


Cosplayer: DoubleTakeCosplay  Photographer: Adventureepic Photography

Another anime dad up now, Minato, Naruto


Minato wasn't only a father to his son Naruto, but to his entire village. He was the ultimate ninja, and was well loved by his people, and his family. Unfortunately Minato's life, his fatherhood, and his role of Hokage was cut short. After the nine-tails Kyuubi attacked the village, Minato and his wife sacrificed themselves to save their baby boy, and the village.

He may not have had much time with Naruto (save some fleeting ghostly reappearances later in the series), but he was a pretty good dad.


Cosplayer: Monkeyshitzz

There seems to be some running themes here. Bad ass protagonists quite often come from broken homes with some cool adoptive dads. Or if there's a birth father around they tend to be completely quirky and off-beat.

Whatever the trope, here's a big shout out to all the dads today. The birth fathers, step fathers and the adoptive fathers. The challenging fathers, the encouraging fathers, and the fathers that are there to cheer you up and cheer you on.

Thanks for reading!

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