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Our Goal

We really wanted to change the way panels are delivered, so our master classes will be led by experienced cosplayers, prop makers, and photographers, all with exceptional talent and specialist skills. Artyfakes, Shappi Workshop, and Kairi in CosplayLand will be among the masters joining us at CosXPo in March 2018.

Our stages and lecture rooms will create a platform for skill development. There will be a great selection of workshops for all skill levels, so if you're new to the cosplay world, working on new skills, or simply developing your knowledge, we've got you covered!

Learn from the experts on topics including cosplay photography, performing, prop making, sewing, wig styling and more! Let's get cosmaking!


Ready for some cos-making?


Photography Skills

Our photography editing masterclass will get you started with some great tips to level up your post processing skills and let you get creative with some awesome tips and tricks.

Cosmaking Workshops

Wonderstruck by Worbla? Flustered over foam? Don't know where to start with leather? We'll have some super informative and practical workshops to give you hands on experience with materials old and new. You'll be sure to take home some great new skills to start your next big project!


We have a great selection of panels aimed at providing you with new tips and tricks to improve your cosplay making experience. Our panel hosts will guide you through many parts of costuming from what materials you can use, to how to transport your costume most efficiently.