Custom built sets

Ever felt that your convention photos look the same year after year?

The same line of trees, the same corner of the halls, ugly cranes, or even awful yellow lights.

At CosXPo, we aim to offer new and exciting photo opportunities with our custom built sets.

CosXPo 2019 Sets - Concept Art

Each set will be completely different to the last with a unique theme.

Here are only two of the many concepts we have designed for CosXPo 2019.

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Campus Scenery

And you aren't just limited to our photography sets, the University of Reading boasts some great scenery just waiting to be explored. The campus grounds can provide a wide variety of shots to take with your cosplay without feeling like you are encroaching on other peoples space.

With so many backdrops to chose from, you'll have a full photo set in no time and you can quickly move from location to location without moving away from the convention atmosphere.

Forests and Lakes

Want to create that fantasy feel you've seen in your classic MMORPG's? The campus has brilliant access to trees and lakes without you needing to trek into the wilderness.


Fields and Grassland

These areas are perfect for a dramatic landscape shots and with so much of it, you won't need to worry about whether someone is getting in the way of your shot, all you have to do is change the angle. Great for those giant costumes or large flowing capes.

Urban Architecture

If your cosplays don't match the natural world, the University's architecture might just be for you. From period mansions and masonry to high-tech futurism, you can access all of these within walking distance and still be part of the action.