CosXPo 2018 Schedule

Here is what we have planned for you on the day!

  • Poly Stage

    Here are some panels and classes given by our guest speakers. There are plenty more scheduled in our tightly packed day to provide you with even more opportunities to take away new skills.

  • 10:15 Opening Ceremony

    Opening of our first event. You will also be introduced to the cosplay senapis of CosXPo.

  • 11:10 Cosplay Performance Advice with Kairi in Cosplayland

    Kairi is no stranger to the competitive cosplay scene - having won dozens of cosplay awards around Europe and taking first place in the 2015 Eurocosplay Championship. She will be sharing what it takes to put on an award winning cosplay performance. So whether you’re looking at entering your first competition, or want to spruce up your performing skills, this one’s for you.

  • 12:10 Artyfakes Live Prop Demo

    Professional prop makers Artyfakes will be taking us through some of their top of the range prop-making techniques, with a live demonstration.

    Artyfakes have been making props for LARP, cosplay, film, and TV out of their Norfolk workshop since 2007, and teach a range of residential courses, allowing anyone to get hands-on experience for themselves.

  • 13:05 Managing Social Media with Germia

    Fazed by Facebook? Terrified of Twitter? Instagram in a mess? Social media has never been more relevant for cosplayers and it’s a great tool for showing your skill to the world and promoting your own personal brand. However, many of us are left perplexed by how to connect with an audience. Germia will be sharing some of her best tips on how to gain followers and keep them engaged.

  • 13:45 Wing Making with Shappie Workshop

    Joining us all the way from Poland, ECG and Cosplay World Masters champion Shappi will be sharing her tips and tricks for how to construct your own big, beautiful wings from scratch.

  • 14:40 Industry Panel: How to Turn Your Hobby into a Career

    Love making costumes but wish you could be paid to do it? A panel of experts comprising film industry professionals and a cosplay business owner will be giving advice and sharing their stories on how they went from hobbyist to full time creator.

  • 1540 CosXPo Championship and Walk-On Show

    Join us for the CosXPo Championship. Competitors will be competing to win huge prizes.

  • 1715 Closing Ceremony

    Recap of the day and award ceremony.

  • Love making costumes but wish you could be paid to do it? A panel of experts comprising film industry professionals and a cosplay business owner will be giving advice and sharing their stories on how they went from hobbyist to full time creator.

  • Fresh Stage

    Smaller audience where you could get right up close and see what's going on.

  • 1030 How to Cosplay When You're Broke AF with Saya Costumes

    In this show and tell led by Belgian cosplayer Saya Costumes cosplayers take the challenge of creating a costume for under £30 and showing us how they did it! Cosplay isn’t just all foam and worbla, come and watch how to use items around your home to make some costume wonders.

  • 1100 How to Value Yourself as a Cosplayer with Germia

    Starting to get hired or take on commissions? Are you being taken advantage of or not know what you should charge per creation? Germia will give an insights into the subject and answer any questions.

  • 1130 Live Photography Edit with Allpo Dayo

    We will be featuring a live editing session with Parisian Kevin from Allpo Dayo, who will be exploring the use of colors, contrast, and skin retouching from start to finish. So if you’re new to the photography world, or a seasoned pro, this workshop will have some great tips and tricks to take away.

  • 1230 Beat the Cosplay Clock

    Two teams take on the challenge of replicating a costume in 30 minutes with nothing but a pile of random scrap and a lot of imagination! To take part, simply form a team of 3 and sign up on the day!

  • 1310 I'll Make a Man Out of You: Live Crossplay Demo with Saya

    Watch a live crossplay makeup transformation with Saya Costumes, as she transforms from lovely lady to the ultimate Dream Daddy! Ever wondered how to change the appearance of your nose, or make your eyes pop? Get your questions ready and watch along for some top makeup artistry.

  • 1410 Pub Quiz

    Think you know a thing or two about the cosplay scene? Grab some friends and take part in our fun quiz. Can you guess the cosplayer? How many hairs are in a wig? Who’s a real cosplay fan, come and give it a go and see!

  • Workshop Room

    For a more intimate experience with only 30 seats per panel, here you can ask the guest speaker any questions as you go.

  • 1030 Sewing Workshop: Alternative to Pattern Making

    Led by experienced costumiers Woodsmoke & Words Cosplay and Maker & Muse cosplay, this workshop explores different ways to create your own sewing patterns! Recommended for those who already have at least a basic knowledge of sewing.

  • 1130 Creature Workshop with Idromy Costumes

    From cute critters to crazy creatures - award winning customer Idromy will be teaching us how to bring non-human characters to life! Known for her fantastical creations, Idromy has made costumes ranging from Melandru from Guild Wars 2, to the clickers from Silent Hill, to the Demon Asmodeus himself. The workshop will also include a live demonstration of latex techniques.

  • 1230 Cosplay Video Editing Workshop with CinelFilm

    Videographer Adam Cinelioglu from CinelFilm will be joining us for a  live Adobe Premiere demo on video making, including tips and advice for beginners,and an open Q&A throughout.

  • 1330 Wig Clinic with Nomes Cosplay

    Styling your wig but not sure where to begin? Bring along your wig and style it under the supervision of wig master Nomes at this hands-on workshop! Learn from the best as Nomes will be giving hands on tutelage and advice.

    Nomes makes and styles wigs with true wig wizardry, and really brings both natural, and animated hairstyles to life. She has been a finalist in several international competitions, including Arda’s 2015 Iron Wig Contest.

    Cosplayers are asked to bring their own wig and styling tools for the workshop (wig head / scissors / brush) if they have them, but there will be a small number of tools available for those who don’t have their own.

  • 1430 Resin Castin with Foxtail Cosplay

    Joining us all the way from Lithuania, award winning cosplayer Foxtail will be sharing her secrets to making large weapons and props using resin. The panel will cover how to make moulds and casts, as well as advanced methods such as rotation casting.