Exhibitors / Vendors

While CosXPo is not a vendor centred event we do have a vendor hall which focusses on small businesses and hand made goods. And if your business is cosplay related- even better!

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Press Passes

Apply for a press pass and be exempt from certain restrictions throughout the event, and be allowed privileged access to restricted areas in order to report on news.

Applications Opening December

CosXPo Championship

Have what it takes to win the CosXPo Trophy? Compete in the CosXPo Championships!

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Applications Opening December


Want to help us out on the day or build up your experience? We will have a wide range of roles to be taken on during the event, so let us know if you have previous experience or certain skills. 

Applications Opening In November


Want to show off your costume on stage without the stress of creating a performance routine in our championships?

Sign up for our walk on show below.

Applications Opening December