Shappi Workshop

Shappi is a Polish cosplayer whose speciality is armour-making. She has been active on the cosplay scene since 2009, and representing her country in various cosplay competitions. Besides being a cosplayer, Shappi is also a gaming enthusiast: from The Witcher to League of Legends, and Smite. She loves the cosplay community and as well as making costumes for herself, she enjoys creating tutorials, holding workshops and organising competitions for other fellow cosplayers.

Fun Facts!

- She loves to roll herself in sheets of eva foam and pretends to be valkyrie

-She comes from the land of hazelnut vodka and always makes sure that she has some in her bag for con after-parties

-Favourite part of costumes are armour and wings

-She can't stand still and calls herself a massive dork



Photography: Studio Zahora

Kairi in Cosplayland

Kairi is 27 years old and from Poland, she has been cosplaying since 2008. Kairi believes that traveling is one of the only things worth spending money on, and luckily cosplay has brought about a lot of that- having visited more than 14 countries thanks to her hobby! Kairi also loves to perform on stage which is reflective of the countless competitions she has entered (and won!) both in her home country and around the world. A cosplayer of many talents and fandoms, there’s no specific type of costume she prefers but she loves to cosplay characters that are close to her heart.

Fun Facts!


-Does not like chocolate.

-Her favourite object is her bath tub.

-Loves to wear fragrance for men.

-She is a crazy cat lady with two adorable cats.




Photography: ReflexStudio, retouched by Sebastian Lanzara

Ali Cosplay & Props

Ali specialises in armour and props. He loves detailed work and painting with airbrush, and has recently delved into the world of sewing- which he isn't keen on yet! He prefers to cosplay from games, such as Darksiders, Overwatch, Horizon Zero Dawn, Smite, and WoW, to name a few! He enjoys travelling to foreign countries, meeting new and interesting people and try good food and beers from all over the World.

Fun Facts!

-By day, he works as service maintenance in an automotive company.

-He loves dogs and Jack Daniels.

  • - He doesn't like mornings and says sometimes it takes almost 3 hours and bucket of cold water to wake him up.

- When the cosplay grind is on he prides himself on being able to survive with only Chinese soaps and coffee.

Photography: Kimimaro Meteordust Photography


Germia is a cosplayer from Czech Republic, best known for her work with armour and says she has more helmets than skirts at home! Her super power is the power of hope. ‘Does the “play” in cosplay stand for playing video games?’ she asks, as when she is away from the convention floor she plays semi-professionally for multiclan eSuba on Twitch.

Fun Facts!

-Her love for performances has won her several awards including:

  • DreamHack World Cosplay Championship 2017 special prize
  • Eurocosplay, MCM London Comic Con 2016
  • Riot Cosplay Contest Pragoffest 2015

-She is a scavenger and likes to bring life to everyday objects in her costumes. Some of the more interesting items she used were bottle caps, chandeliers, old filing folders and even an old umbrella!



Photography: Kenji's Shotbook, edited by Germia

Tabitha Lyons

Tabitha is a UK cosplayer known for her armour and weapon builds. She'll be joining us alongside Professional prop makers Artyfakes, whohave been making props for LARP, cosplay, film, and TV out of their Norfolk workshop since 2007, and teach a range of residential courses, allowing anyone to get hands-on experience for themselves.

Fun Facts!

  • - She was a proud judge on the show King of the Nerds
  • - She was the first cosplay/prop maker to stream creative on Twitch
  • - Her party trick is that she's limber enough to do the splits!

Tabitha Lyons as Kyra (OC for LARP) for Artyfakes. Photo by Magic Bean Studio.

Drack Cosplay


Fun Facts!

  • - He has a mini-me who is starting to get into cosplay.
  • - One of his fins is bigger than the other.
  • - He suffers from interminable execration.
Drack Cosplay as Halloween Reaper from Overwatch. Photo by Cat&Crown Artwork.