Interactive Workshops

Our Mentors and Senpai's from around Europe hosted a huge variety of workshops over the weekend.

Fancy trying hand embroidery? Grab a hoop and joinMadi Does Cosplaywho will be giving an introduction to hand embroidery and taking you through some simple stitches.


Time to get a bit more technical! Join Keith fromPlunge Creations Ltd and learn about moulding and casting techniques, and have an introduction to fibreglass, silicone, and more!


Learn to use your stage time to the fullest! Professional actor and acting coach Kevin Phela will be teaching the skills you need to prepare for on stage performance and make a real impact on your audience.


Join Nomes Cosplay on a journey of Wigcraft and Wigardy and let the Wig Wizard herself give you some tips and tricks to create your very own gravity defying wigs!


Please bring your own wig to style, scissors and wig head for the workshop. But don't worry if you don't have one, we have a few spares!



Head outdoors with Cat&Crown Artwork for an interactive photography workshop exploring the grounds.


Bring your own gear and a cosplayer friend to get to grips with framing your photographs, posing your models and making the most of the awesome surroundings!



Live Demos and Panels

Our mentors shared some tricks of the trade in live demonstrations (from SFX makeup to thermoplastics) and held some engaging Q&A panels.

Ever wondered how to make your thermoplastic armour look more ornate? Senpai and thermoplastic master Erza - Cosplay will be sharing her secrets on how to safely create intricate details.


Need to add a bit more animal to your creature costumes? Senpai Mowky Cosplay will be giving a live demo on how to make horns, ears and scales. Come along and bring out that inner beast!


Join Santatory in this workshop on how to start a cosplay. From breaking down the work load, and finding references, to staying organised (no more 4am hot gluing before a con!)


Let's take things your wig skills to the next level! Join Nomes Cosplay for this advanced wig styling panel as she explores techniques like wig ventilating and creating faux hairlines.


Cosplay is all about transforming into your favourite characters. Shirak Cosplaywill be doing a live demo on how to apply prosthetics and make up to bring your cosplays to life.



Sometimes you need to take a small step back to take a big leap forward!Stephanie Dola Cosplay will be showing you flat pattern making, and how you can take your own measurements.



Time to learn a more traditional craft. Learn the basics and get to grips with the tools and techniques of leatherwork in this live demo with our awesome mentor Pipa Wolf Cosplay.


Need a friendly companion for your cosplay? Copilot Cosplay will be giving an insight into puppet creation and puppeteering - and we've heard there may just be a special muppet guest...


Learn how to add texture and battle damage to your armour with EvilCleverDog who will take you through all the tips and tricks of texturing and weathering, adding a new dimension to your builds.



Make-up muscles not cutting it? In this panel Chris Minney will take you through the fundamentals of fitness and discuss how he took inspiration from his anime heroes to transform his body and mind.


Wanting to enter your first competition? Aretsaya, Enja Cosplay and Stephanie Dola Cosplay will be answering questions and giving advice to budding competitive cosplayers!


Need to weather your fabric or add some fine details? Bring your costumes to life with some hints and tips on fabric paints and dyes with our mentor ‚ÄčClockwork Dandy Noodles.



Photographers, this one's for you! Join Alan Lavery as he talks about what it takes to make the leap from hobby to career. Is it time for you to step up your game?



Join Professor Cosplay from Hydra Forge to look at a whole host of technologies to advance your cosplay builds, like 3D scanning and printing, laser cutters, and digital pattern making.


Do you wanna be the very best, like no one ever was? Join MW Cosplay to learn more about Pokemon Gijinka cosplay designs and how to catch 'em all!




As well as lots of learning to do, we made sure there was plenty of fun . to be had too! Like our senpais taking on the Speed Cosplay Challenge and our pub quiz.

Got a VIP ticket to our event? Then join us for a great night, being kicked off by the awesome musical comedy duo Jollyboat!



Grab a team of friends and come and join the CosXPo Pub Quiz!Test your knowledge and win some sweet (literally) prizes!



Watch our senpais race against the clock to build a complete cosplay in this fun-filled speed challenge.