At the beginning of each month we will be showcasing our favourite cosplays from the previous one. We’ll be presenting a range of expertise such as fabric-based costumes, wig work, armour, props, and anything that really catches the attention of the CosXPo team!

First up is Briar Rose Cosplay and her Queenie from Fantastic Beasts. With a film full of ‘Fantastic’ costumes we’re not surprised to see these cosplays still coming out in the community. Briar Rose has focused on every detail for this costume, even down to the shoes, which you can see on her page. Her fabric choices are well chosen and her sewing work is clean and pristine, just like Queenie!

Queenie by Briar Rose Cosplay

Queenie by Briar Rose Cosplay


Next up is Dragoon Cos’ with this awesome EVA build of a World of Warcraft Deathknight. The Shadowmourne weapon was made from several PVC pipes and synthetic glass and is lit with LED lights, these lights can be seen throughout the armour also. The attention to detail not only with the structure of the armour but the paint work and characterisation is really clear. He documented most of the cos-making process on his Facebook page linked above, definitely worth checking out.











Our prop highlight of the month goes to Sketch McDraw Creations for these awesome Ember Celica gauntlets for RWBY character Yang. Sketch is best known for his work with weaponry, and more recently focused on RWBY props due to its host of cool combination weapons. The gauntlets are made mainly from ABS Plastic vac formed over fibreglass moulds, they include teeth that keep the auntlets secure on the arms when worn, but also enable them to be removed with a click. Kits for these gauntlets are now available on his Etsy store for a limited time so be sure to take a look!

Gaunlets by Sketch McDraw Creations

Gauntlets by Sketch McDraw Creations


BaymaxXReinhardt taken by SD Photography

For creativity we have DC Theo Model’s with his Baymax x Reinhardt build. As if his Baymax was not cool enough, he has really reached new heights with this character mash up. The internals of the hands are made with MDF and the armour from EVA foam. He also made the stilt bases himself after the stilts he bought for the costume were too high. We really love the elements used from both characters, especially the Baymax style hands and of course that wicked colour scheme.





Calliope by Irstress Cosplay

Last but not least, The Irstress with her incredible wig work on Calliope from Hercules. There’s quite a theme with dramatic hair throughout Hercules, from Megara’s beehive to Hades flaming locks, so it was interesting to see her technique for building this wig masterpiece. She first used wadding of different thickness to create the wavy shapes and then worked in the hair fibres. The cosplay was made for a group performance at Aniplay 2017, watch the full performance here!



Check back in next month for our May round up! Seen a recent cosplay you loved? Comment below!