It's World Friendship Day!

Who are the best best friends?

Happy World Friendship Day

We moan a lot of about inter/national days being gimmicks to sell cards, well that's exactly the origin of World Friendship Day! The Hallmark cards founder decided to make it a thing so they could sell more products, and although it was firstly met with resistance, it's now celebrated world wide. The day even has Winnie-the-Pooh as its world Ambassador.

To celebrate World Friendship day with you, we're sharing cosplays of some of the BEST best friends in film, TV, comics and anime- enjoy!

Nightcrawler and Wolverine

Cosplayers: Dadpool


Misfits Nightcrawler and Wolverine's relationship has spanned over many years since the 70's. They've both died, suffered losses (and plenty of hangovers) on their super powered journeys, but they've stuck together throughout it all.

Buzz and Woody

Cosplayers: Second Wind Cosplay

Photographer: Azota Photography


After a rocky start these two ended up being the best of friends. Woody taught Buzz some hard truths about their existence, and in turn Buzz became his partner in crime. Their adventures now span over four films, saving their livelihood from weird chicken men, Aliens, and growing up kids.

(Please note the costumes underneath are great I just thought this was too hilarious/clever not to share!)

Usagi (Sailor Moon) and Rei (Sailor Mars)

Cosplayers: Adventtraitor& Koholint Cosplay

Photographer: Ash Snap'em Photography


Another pair that work by balance. Rei's fiery fierceness and level head is a constant anchor for Usagi as she often doubts herself and her abilities. Although they're just two of the larger Sailor team, these two form a close bond over their time together and become a true force to be reckoned with.

Cosplays: @cosmiccoterie
Usagi wig: @vickiebane

Green Lantern and Flash

Cosplayers: Jahzonbiand Derrick

Photographer: David Ngo


As with many comic world characters, these two have had a few iterations, but through them all they've kept a solid bond. And rightly so as their personalities balance one another like yin and yang. iBarry's calmness and good nature supports Hal's often brash and sometimes arrogant ways.


Rocket and Groot

Rocket:Shoko and Jérôme CosplayGroot: Edes

Photographer: Kaicom


Groot first appeared back in the 60's and Rocket was introduced separately a little later on, but it wasn't until they paired up in the Guardians of the Galaxy series that they formed their close bond. We're lucky to now have seen their heart warming relationship in the most recent MCU films. Whenever Rocket flies into some kind of mess, Groot will always follow to lend a helping branch.

The Ghostbusters

Photographer: Cat&Crown

Holtz -Seamripper Cosplay
Erin - Hildaglitz Cosplay
Kevin -Gwithian Evans
Abby -Gabi King
Patty -ToastStar Cosplay


The film may have bombed, but the Ghostbusters reboot (and its respective original) is another good representation of besties. The four 'Ghostbusters'- and Kevin- are all weird and wonderful in their own way, and these misfits form a somewhat unlikely friendship group. 

So Happy Friendship Day!

A lot of the best duos have a lot of yin yang qualities, they balance one another with their almost mismatched personalities. Who are your favourite comic/film/tv besties?

Say hi to your best pals today, and don't forget to spread some love today (and everyday mind you but especially day). Is your bestie a cosplay lover too? Why not grab them a ticket to our next event CosXPo 2020? Tickets available here now!

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