Borderlands 3 is FINALLY here

Are you ready?

Borderlands finally returns for its fourth instalment!


Borderlands 3 will follow on from Telltale's 2012 game Borderlands 2 and 2014 game Tales from the Borderlands made by Telltale games. If you're new to the franchise the games are set on a planet named Pandora (Avatar?), home to mysterious alien (not the ones from Avatar) vaults filled with treasures. The games exploded not just in the gaming world, but the cosplay world too. When the films started releasing initially, conventions were filled with cel shading, body contouring, and cleverly proportioned weapons and costumes. Needless to say, we're excited for this to make a come back!

If you need a reminder, Borderlands 2 led with a new Antagonist, Handsome Jack. He'd taken over the Hyperion Corp, and had become something of a dictator on Pandora. The story ended with his death, before the Siren Lillth accidentally opened a secret map of the galaxy. The map showed the locations of Vaults outside of Pandora, hinting towards the story of the next release. In Tales, Jack comes back in some kind of AI form but we're led to believe this was killed too.


Cosplayer: Dybbuk Cosplay Photographer: Van Den Berg Photography


Cosplayer: Lucii Photographer: W's Photos

Cosplayers top tip: When cel shading, try to follow natural creases in clothes.

Max Moxxi

  • Maya

  • Cosplay: Kinpatsu Cosplay
  • psst-She's released an awesome book on cosplay makeup that you can check out here!

So who's new in Borderlands 3?

We know that Lilith will be returning in the new game, and several more have been announced including Tiny Tina, Claptrap, Maya, Tannis, and Mad Moxxi. But there'll also be some new characters, including new playable Vault Hunters.

  • Borderlands 3 boasts four new playable Vault hunters:
  • Amara (Siren) A slum born child turned hero. She smashes her enemies with ethereal fists.
  • FL4K (Hunter) A skilled AI hunter tracked followed by their loyal beasts a,Skag, Spiderant, and a Jabber.
  • Moze (Soldier) An ex soldier who left to pursue the Vaults. She's a hi tech mech weapon wielder.
  • Zane (Assassin) A cunning assassin with a whole host of gadgets and gizmos to use in battle.

Cosplayer: Mary and Fenobi Photographer: Butrix Production


Cosplayer: Hildaglitz Photographer: Tascha Dearing


Cosplayer: Carnivalization Cosplay Photographer: Momo Clicks Photography

Cosplayer top tip: For Siren cosplays paint your tattoos onto a thin, skin coloured fabric or if you're making temporary tattoos, try to apply them the night before the con (just not the hands).


Cosplayer: Mary and Fenobi Photographer: Butrix Production

What's new in Borderlands 3 Game Play

Borderlands 3 brings new game play mechanics too.

You'll now be able to slide (you'll be able to launch attacks while sliding too!) and climb. A couple of new things we saw in the Pre-sequel game are also returning. Characters will be able to Groundslam, and you'll be able to interact with certain things happening in the game world (game builders are yet to elaborate but they've confirmed it's included).



Cosplay: GoldvesterPhotographer: Alexandra Lee

Will you be playing?

We can't wait for convention halls to be filled with Borderlands once more! Whether you're planning on playing, or cosplaying, let us know.

We hope to see some of you at CosXPo 2020, if you haven't already, you can get your tickets here!


Cosplayer: Mary and Fenobi Photographer: Carlos Adama

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