Fake blood, prosthetics, and masks. It must be Halloween!



It's Halloween!

A time of year for cosplayers to show off at parties and get hounded by friends who want them to make their costumes.

From prosthetics of deep wounds and creepy faces, to black out lenses and LOTS of blood, horror costumes are a great way for cosplayers to learn new skills. The horror genre never seems to go out of fashion, so there's plenty of cosplay opportunities!

And there's been some big horror releases this year to cosplay from. There were some big films like Childs Play, Annabelle Comes Home, Us, and Zombieland. And plenty on TV too with the new seasons of Stranger Things, Sabrina, and American Horror Story.

So today we'll be sharing some amazing horror cosplays, and some fun facts about Halloween.


Huntress and Photo: VyxenahVyxenah Studios

One of the original reasons behind dressing up in costume on October 31st was to 'trick' the dead into thinking you were a fellow spirit.

Michael Langdon: Rex Macabre

Photographer: Jamie Flack

Turnips were the original carving foods of choice. But I'm sure the Evil Queen would favour another...

Fun fact, the original Snow White film was rated A (Under 16s accompanied by an adult) because of the witch transformation and the creepy scene where Snow runs around the scary woods.


Evil Queen and photo: Eviescosplay


Halloween goes by many names:Witches Night, Lamswool, All Hallow's Eve, Snap-Apple Night, Samhaim, and Summer’s End, Yue Lan, and Nutcrack Night.

Intersection Pretty Boy: Raven

Photographer: Studio Tsu Photography


Halloweens' history isn't all about things that go bump in the night.

There were lots of traditions related to love too.

Bobbing for apples was originally a kind of fortune telling game, the first person to get an apple would supposedly be the first to marry. Cakes were baked for Halloween with a single hidden ring inside. Whoever found the ring was said to marry within the year.

The witching hour on October 31st was said to hold romantic fortune telling powers too. People would throw apple peels to the ground and decipher the first letter of their future partners name from it. And young women would hold wet sheets in front of their Halloween fire and let the heat dry in a picture of the future partner.

The Spirit: Felidae

Photographer: SeiPhoto

It used to be tradition to sing and/or dance at houses for sweets. Luckily the tradition died out and 'trick or treat' is more than enough to get some sugary treats.

Pinhead: miw.cosplay

Photographer: Luana Lleras

October 30th is sometimes called Mischief Night. The evening involves playing pranks and generally causing trouble.

Nurse: Freakessa

Photographer: Cossneg

Cosplayer: Riness

Photographer: Northern Team


CosXPo 2020

We hope you enjoyed our featured horror cosplayers and Halloween fun facts! Let us know if you've made a super spooky costume this year.

Want to see even more gore? Check out last year's Halloween blog here.

AND if you want to get prepped for Halloween 2020, come along to our third event on 3rd-4th April 2020! Create, learn, and master new skills. Tickets still available here. *

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