Celebrating Women and Non-Binary Cosplay Photographers of the UK

Celebration of Women and Non-Binary Cosplay Photographer in the UK!

We're super lucky to have some amazing photography talent in the UK, especially on the cosplay scene, and today we're shining a light on some women and non binary photograhers we love.

Check out some of their awesome work, and some exerts from our chats with them.

Chiara Fulgoni

What got you into cosplay photography? Simply just my love of video games and film. I had been attending MCM for a while less ‘seriously’ and after seeing all the wonderful cosplay, I knew I had to join somehow. Meeting and making so many friends with the same interests and with such creativity; I was in my element and combining that with my love of photography felt so natural.
What would be your dream cosplay shoot/location?  My style is developing now into more editorial/conceptual and as a cinematographer/filmmaker & film tutor by ‘day' I tend to want to do more creative lighting projects now so I don’t actually have a ‘dream location’ in mind. I’m really into My Hero Academia right now and I love shooting stuff with darker tones (both colour and mood) so maybe something dark with a villain from the series or any character focusing on the bleaker tone of the manga at the moment. Also Kylo Ren….how have I not done a proper Kylo Ren shoot yet….
Chiara Fulgoni (She/they) | IG @chiaraftog | Twitter @chiaraftog | Web chiarafulgoni.portfoliobox.net | Cosplayer: @kizuki_cosplay
A blonde woman stands infront of a lake near a small town with red brick buildings. In the foreground is some grass and foliage. The woman looks happy, and spread her arms wide.

Acoustica Photography

What got you into cosplay photography?I used to Cosplay from as far back as 2006 and I have always been with in the realms of costume making ever since. Back then the Cosplay scene wasn’t as big and popular as it is now. There weren’t many people who took photos at events and meet ups. Photography was my means of getting to speak to people I was too shy to approach. Somehow the camera and photography gave me confidence. Now I aim to make people feel confident in their costumes and themselves.  I love giving to the community something that wasn’t available back in my Cosplay days.

What new skills are you working on or have learned recently? 
I am in the process of learning 3D Modelling both to make my own props but also to use as renders in images.  I have fallen in love with the combination of practical effects and locations partnered with digital effects to create a story in an image.

Acoustic Photography (She/her) | IG @acoutsticaphotog  | Cosplayer: Crystal Neko (She/her)

Meggo Photo

What got you into cosplay photography?
As a teenager I was always at MCM Expo (yes, I will always call it by the old school name), until COVID I had been at the convention for 13 years consecutively! But the friends I originally went with were more into anime, I didn’t want to cosplay but I was more than happy to take photos of them. For my 15th birthday I was gifted my first DSLR camera, from there I photographed everything I could, but MCM was a staple for the fantasy photography I wanted too get into.
What would be your dream cosplay shoot?
My dream shoot would be anything underwater; either a studio or natural. It is something I have always wanted to do, so much so I have scuba diving qualifications - although they may need updating now! An underwater shoot would apply so many new things I have learned and be a real challenge for both myself and model.
What new skills are you working on or have learned recently?
I am currently doing my master’s degree in photography and I am learning so many new ways to use photography in a creative sense. I really enjoy using multiple exposures and long exposures in my personal work. I am also learning how to use cyanotypes.
Meggo Photo (They/Them) IG  @meggophoto | Web meggophoto.com | Cosplayer: @lilistprince

Justine Louise Photography

What got you into cosplay photography?
I loved attending conventions, and I remember when I went to my first one years ago as a regular visitor, I was amazed at the efforts people went to with their costumes, and how I really wanted to capture their photo. At the time I was mostly shooting bands & models, and I was quite a shy person (still am to a point) and the thought of going up to people like that and asking for their photo made me feel sick. It wasn't until I attended later on with friends, who helped me get people over to photograph that I built the confidence to shoot at conventions. I then started to take it into my studio work as well.

What would be your dream cosplay shoot?
I would love to shoot at a proper castle, one that is still fully intact. I could shoot a various number of cosplays there, both inside & outside. From stuff like the Witcher, Vikings, Game of Thrones, Disney, etc. I would have endless options.
Yennefer - Alyce Rocha
Justine Louise Photography (She/her) | IG @justinelouisephotography | FB @justinelouisephotographyWeb justine-louise.co.uk | Cosplayer: @alyskaplays

Thanks for celebrating some of the UK's best tog talent with us!

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