A woman stands infront of pink lights in the distance. She wears a pink robe reflective of Spirited Away's Chihiro

Can you believe these films are TWENTY YEARS OLD!?


A young woman stands looking at a large black figure with a white masked face. They're on a high balcony in a bright building.

Are you ready for a bit of a throwback?

Here at CosXPo we're always looking ahead but today we're looking back to a year of amazing films- a year that's somehow now TWENTY years in the past.

Reflecting back on 2001 during writing this blog, it felt like almost yesterday that some of these hit films were released. They've definitely left their mark on us, and that's probably why people still cosplay from them today!

So grab your popcorn and sit back as we throwback to 2001 in the world of film.


Film: Spirited Away
Chihiro: Jireh S (She/her) @jirehleecosplay 
No-Face: Riselle T @ponjiee
Photo Above: Eddy Chen @focus_button
Photo Below: Flash Cord Photography (He/him) @flashcordphoto
A black woman in a blue hat and denim overalls looks to the camera blowing a bubble gum bubble

First up to throwback - Atlantis: The Lost Empire

A film of lots af firsts!

Released in the summer of 2001, Atlantis was the 41st film in the Disney Canon franchise. It was the first science fiction film from Disney, first heavy use of CGI and wide screen, one of the first to feature a Black secondary character with their own real storyline, and Kida was the first Disney princess to become a queen.

The film didn't actually have a great opening in the cinema, likely due to the film launching a little too closely to the likes of Shrek and Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. The film's disappointing release meant goodbye to a follow up series, and the films sequel went straight to video.

Years later many film critics praised Atlantis, and felt it was a hugely underrated Disney classic.

Audrey Rocio Ramirez: Jameelah Leaundra @lovely.leaundra

Time for another animated throwback - Shrek

Okay so I was 30 years old (today) when I found out Shrek was (very very loosely) based off of a fairy tale written in the 90's by William Steig.

The film premiered at Cannes Film Festival, and was the first animation that made it to the Cannes screen since Disney's Peter Pan over 40 years prior.

From the incredible soundtrack full of bangers and fresh anti-hero characters, to the witty one liners that still do the meme rounds today and the scenes we'll never forget, the film was bound to be a success.

Today the franchise has four films, with another on the way, two tv series, a broadway adaptation and a few 4D experiences too. Needless to say, we all love the foul-mouthed ogre and his eclectic crew.

Okay I know you want to, sing it with me... SOME-


Lord Farquaad: @theivanhoeshow

Photographer: IG @tmphotodk FB TMPhotoDK

Ooft, 2001 was a pretty big year for films huh?

Before we continue on our throwback journey, here are some less cosplayed films worth mentioning: the first Fast & Furious (who knows how many there are today...), Legally Blonde, Oceans Eleven (another franchise first), Planet of the Apes (a franchise SIXTH), Hannibal, and Lara Croft: Tomb Raider.

It was also my 20th birthday, but there's no films about me, yet... let's keep going!

A woman stands infront of pink lights in the distance. She wears a pink robe reflective of Spirited Away's Chihiro

There's no introduction needed for this Ghibli beast- Spirited Away

If I ever meet someone who's yet to enjoy the delights of anime I always point them here. And for good reason.

A whimsical, meaningful, beautifully drawn, aesthetically pleasing, and musically unforgettable film, Spirited Away helped bring the Japanese wonder of anime to more of the Western world. Winning countless first and only's, including being a constant recommendation on Top 50 film lists, the first and only non-english hand-drawn animation to win an Academy for Best Animated Feature, and Fourth Best Film of 21st Century. Phew. Miyazaki and crew really nailed it.

And with it came countless cosplay opportunities that are still incredibly popular today, and rightly so.

Chihiro: Jireh S (She/her)@jirehleecosplay
Photo: Eddy Chen @focus_button

You wouldn't let us get away with it if we didn't mention the big dogs... Lord of The Rings, and Harry Potter.

Coming in at 1st and 2nd highest grossing films of 2001, the fantasy films took myth and magic to new levels, and still exist as growing franchises today. The epic adventure's in both left us aching for the next installation, running out to buy the books they were based on, and of course cosplaying the characters.

Even today I can hear the 'I'm going to cosplay that' whisperings across cinemas around the world. Complex period pieces for the pros, and closet cosplay opportunities for those dipping their toes into the cosplay world.

Arwen: @pocketwraith

Photographer: @tominyitrai

Last throwback focus for this blog, Monsters Inc

Continuing with the theme of 2001, this was another Franchise first that ended up with a whole family of spin offs, sequels AND a prequel.

Monsters Inc came 3rd Highest Grossing in 2001, but the initial conversations about the film started WAY back in 1996 during Toy Story production. Now that's a throwback.

Monsters Inc was a beast of a project to animate, leading to a new chapter at Pixar where for the first time, each character had their own lead animator. The team also enlisted the help of a mammal specialist to help bring the characters to life in a way that feel both fun and realistic. Main character Sully's huge mass of fur meant that the studio set up a brand new sir simulation programme - later called Fizt. And thank goodness they did, because THAT scene when Sully's in the snow with the wind blowing in his hair- divine.

Randall: Morelia Cosplay (She/her)@moreliacosplay

Photographer: @lovestruckcosplay

Well Twenty Years on (I'm going to keep saying it) it's safe to say 2001 was a pretty brilliant year for film- and cosplayers.

Animation went wild, franchise first stole the show, and cult classics were born.

Let us know if we've missed our 2001 throwback favourites! See more of our blogs here AND don't forget to buy your tickets for CosXPo 2022 (we're finally back!) right here.

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