Cosplay Lab at CosXPo sponsored by Dremel

We know it's not always possible to try-before-you-buy. You might be wary of using a new tool, or be unsure if certain materials will work for your cos-plans. The lab was introduced to give people a chance to get hands on. This year the team from Dremel will be there to give you tips and tricks and offer guidance as you try things out and play with everything the lab has to offer.

Cosplay in need of a fix?

You'll also find our Cosplay Repair Station in the lab along with our handy lab technicians to help you out. We'll keep it kitted out with glue, sewing supplies and all the essentials to fix you up and get you back out there to enjoy the fun.

Cosplay Lab Tutorials
We have a number of tutorials to help you with troubleshooting and teach you basic cosplay skills on our YouTube channel. Head on over to get learning and start your cosplay journey!

Dremel logo white Demos

The awesome team from Dremel UK will be on hand to demonstrate tools and techniques that you can use to create your next cosplay masterpiece. From soldering to sanding - what will you try first?

Try out glue guns

Glue Guns

  • A cosplay staple. Hot glue has been the lifesaver for many a cosplay project, and it can even be used to add textures.

Rotary Tools by Dremel

Rotary Tools

Another essential for many cosplayers - especially for creating seamless foamwork! Head over to the team to learn the basics about these amazing tools.

All the Attachments!

Sanding, cutting, detailing, workstations, grips - there are so many possibilities to enhance your rotary tool for easy cosplay crafting. Try out each one to see what you prefer!

Versatip by Dremel


Soldering for battle damage, hot cutting, melting and even removing paint. See how you can add a new level of detail to your cosplay.

Artyfakes Academy Advice

Artyfakes Academy Advice

The team from Artyfakes have over 25 years experience in the prop-making industry. We'll have Nic Samiotis on hand in the Cosplay Lab to answer all your burning questions about cosplay and crafting.

Want to know more about getting started with foam, transporting large props and armour, adding battle damage or creating a flawless paint finish? Nic will be able to let you in on all their tips and tricks!

And don't forget to check out their panel on Armour Rigging on Friday 8th April and their Live Prop Demo on Saturday 9th April.

2019 Cosplay Lab Highlights

Take a look at what amazing things were crafted in the Cosplay Lab during our 2019 event.

  • Flower Crowns

    Lab Tech and Florist Hollita 

  • Cuts and Bruises Make-up

    Ezra teaching some easy make-up skills

  • Animal Ears

    Asgardian Fraud's workshop on ear making

  • Gem Casting

    Lab Tech Emily's Gem Casting class

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