What is CosXPo all about?

CosXPo is a UK event that focuses on building crafting skills, photography skills and celebrating the art of cosplay.

The team behind CosXPo are all frequent attendees of events throughout the year. We're all self-proclaimed nerds and love games, film, comics, cartoons - but we all have one thing in common - we love cosplay! So we decided to make an event which focuses on all things cosplay, photography collaboration, crafting skills, knowledge sharing, and technique mastering!

We're now planning our 4th event for 2023 and can't wait to make this year bigger and better than before.

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Celebrating Cosplay and Learning New Crafting Skills

There's so much to do at CosXPo. If you're completely new to cosplay we have some great beginner workshops to get you started. For seasoned veterans we have more advanced workshops and panels, as well as a chance to compete in our cosplay championships.

Most importantly you can meet likeminded people and have fun!

Poly-Props Foam Workshop, learning crafting skills with Knightley Kreations

Hands-On Crafting Skills Workshops

Run by real experts of various fields in both cosplay and photography. Our workshops are aimed at anyone from those wanting to develop their crafting skills, to those starting out in the cosplay world.

Network with cosplay photographers and use our custom built photography sets

Cosplay Photography

We design custom photography sets with awesome back drops and props for ANYONE to use throughout the day! We also host photography meets and give you access to the beautiful grounds at Reading University for your photoshoots.

Congratulations to Kaldorei Cosplay, winning with her superb entry and performance of Skull Kid from Legend of Zelda: Major's Mask.

The CosXPo Cosplay Championships

Cosplayers can perform on stage in our unique cosplay competition to win the custom CosXPo trophy and some amazing prizes.

Photo: Freshcrewstudios

Dremel Cosplay Lab at CosXPo 2022

Cosplay Lab

Experiment with different materials and tools along with small group style teaching for subjects including SFX skills and Flower Crown making.

Ezra Cosplay and Mowky Cosplay in the senpai speed challenge at CosXPo


Cosplay is all about having fun, and we have plenty of entertainment for you to enjoy. From our own version of the generation game, to putting our senpais to the test in a Cosplay Speed Challenge. And let's not forget the ever popular CosXPo Pub Quiz.

Cosplayers and photographers at the UK's best cosplay event CosXPo

And most importantly - YOU!

The cosplay community has been a huge support throughout our journey, and we cannot wait to bring you more in the future.

Photo by Mike Burnage Photography

Join the CosXPo Community

Outside of our event we work hard to bring together everyone in the cosplay community all year round.

Our social group on Facebook is a great place to share the cosplay you're working on or your photography projects, arrange meetups for our event or just chat to like-minded people.

We also have a dedicated Discord server where we host regular crafting nights, gaming events and have dedicated channels for cosplay tips (and even cute pets). A link to this is available once you've joined our social group.

Follow our socials for updates!

As well as announcements for the next CosXPo we also run competitions, feature cosplay photography from our event and share what's going on in the cosplay community.

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