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Cosplayer: @koni_cosplay
Photographer: @anto_and_the_cosplayers

CosXPo + Godox

Cosplay Photography Competition

We've partnered with Godox to bring you an epic new cosplay photography competition.

With two categories to enter and unique prizes to win, are you ready to take the shot?


Entries will close on March 10th at 20:00 UTC.

The Categories

Nikita Cosplay

Natural Light

For this category it's all about using the environment around you. Whether there's direct sunlight or ambient light - we want to see how you bring the character to life using natural light.

Photographer: @valentinpictures
Cosplayers: @nikitacosplay and @blondie_cosplay


Artificial Light

Studio strobes, speedlights, LEDs. Great for creating a cinematic feel or saving the day when natural light is working against us. In this category we'll be looking at the creative and artistic ways you use artificial light.

Photographer: @anto_and_the_cosplayers
Cosplayer: @sayuricosplay

The Prizes

Godox Lux Senior Retro Flash

Godox Lux Senior Retro Camera Flash

This retro camera flash works with both film and digital cameras. With the foldable fan-type silver reflector to shape the light, Lux Senior will bring you the pure happiness and beauty of the 60s in a compact, portable design.


MoveLink Mini Colour Edition

Branching out into vlogging, live streams, TikTok or Reels? With the enhanced sound pickup and excellent noise reduction tech, this tiny bit of kit is perfect for on-the-go creations.

Taking Photo of CosXPo set

Exhibited at CosXPo 2023

The top images in each category will be exhibited at CosXPo 2023, with the two winners being announced during our closing ceremony. We'll also contact the winners after the event. 

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