Workshops, Demos and Panels

We're working away in the background planning workshops, demos, panels and entertainment for CosXPo 2023. In the mean time take a look at what went down at CosXPo 2022 below.

Our mentors shared some tricks of the trade in live demonstrations (from SFX makeup to leatherworking) and held some engaging Q&A panels.

Armour Rigging Workshop by Artyfakes at CosXPo 2020

You've tackled foam and thermoplastic and made some amazing armour - but how do you get the whole thing on? Learn about armour rigging from our UK senpais and foam experts, Artyfakes.

Prosthetics and SFX workshop with Shirak Cosplay

Learn the dos and don'ts of creating and wearing your own prosthetics in this live demo. Shirak Cosplay will set you up for success - letting you know the best materials, tools and techniques.

Leatherworking with Papa Cosplay at CosXPo 2020

Leatherworking master and senpai Papa Cosplay will be going through the steps to create your own functional leather armour in this panel. Take on his tips and love with leather yourself!

Adding Mystery with Mistvein - CosXPo 2020

Smell, authentic materials, chemical processes... add a touch of mystery to your costume and give it some extra dimension with guidance from
CosXPo 2022 senpai Mistvein.

Fake Boob Tutorial with Nomes Cosplay at CosXPo 2020

Want to hear the breast tips on making your own set of fake boobs for cosplay? Join Nomes Cosplay for a titillating tutorial on how to create an udderly realistic chest for your next costume. 

Posing and Planning for Portraits  - Enayla at CosXPo

From basic modelling principles, to scouting locations and collaborating with your photographer - Enayla Cosplay and Ardent Cosplay will cover everything you need to know to get a great portrait.

Artyfakes Live Prop Making CosXPo 2020

We asked you what you'd like to see Artyfakes make in a live demo and you chose Gimli's Walking Axe from LOTR. So get ready to see the foam masters at work and bring it to life right before your eyes.

Photography for Beginners with Carlos Adama at CosXPo 2020

Want to achieve an amazing cosplay shot with minimal equipment? Carlos Adama Photography will take you through the basics from framing your subject to getting that perfect light. 

Live Body Painting Demo with Opal Ink Cosplay at CosXPo 2020

Grab a seat as Opal Ink Cosplay paints a 'happy little Kratos' in a live body painting demo. Giving tips on how to shake-up your make-up and avoid any... happy accidents. Who's excited? Cause we are!

Overlocker Sewing Live Demo

Professional sewing teacher (and former World Cosplay Summit organiser) Carrie Monster will be demonstrating how to use an overlocker and giving advice on how to get the most out of your machine.

Let's talk tiktok with rosemagpie

There's no denying how much TikTok has grown for cosplayers over the recent years. RoseMagpie will talk you through trends, tips and tricks for creating great content on TikTok.

3D Printing Panel with Casual Props at CosXPo 2020

Moving into the world of 3D printing may sound a bit daunting but it shouldn't be! Casual Props will be guiding you through why you should take the plunge and answering your burning questions.

Foambending Cosplay Workshop

Use it as wigs, fabric, accessories - there's more to foam than you may think! Join AHu's Coslake to learn how you can adapt foam in new ways for your next cosplay project.

Budget Cosplay at CosXPo 2020

Creating an awesome cosplay doesn't have to break the bank. Join Zelvyne Cosplay for a talk on how to save the pennies whilst creating a costume you'll love to wear. 

Cosplay Diversity

Join the celebration of POC in the cosplay community, inspired by the #28DaysofBlackCosplay hashtag, From representation to influences, we'll be talking all things diversity and why embracing is so important.

The Creative Pitch

Learn ways to improve your pitch, whether it's pitching your creative ideas, your business services, or to investors. Look at how good storytelling can help sell your idea and discover design tips for your pitch decks. 

Interactive Workshops

Learn as you go and get stuck in with our interactive workshops!

Foam Texturing Workshop with Reforged Foam and Dremel

Get stuck in with adding realistic textures to your cosplay in this hands-on workshop with Reforged Foam - partnering with the amazing guys at Dremel. Use these simple tools and techniques to take your foam work to the next level. ⁠

Sew a Donkey for the Donkey Sanctuary

Sew a cute felt donkey to help support The Donkey Sanctuary! You can either keep your creation and pay £3.50 towards the charity, or your hand-made donkey will be sold in their Devon shop to raise money for all the animals in their care.

Outdoor Photography Workshop

Join Jamie Flack (Cat&Crown Artwork) for a guided outdoor photography session.We'll be pairing up togs and cosplayers so this is a great way to meet new people and improve your photography game! Please arrive 15 minutes early to sign up.

Sat 9th April | Front Entrance | 12-1PM

It's time to master the art of foam crafting. In this hands-on workshop, sponsored by Poly-Props, you'll be getting to grips with the basics of making foam armour taught my foamsmith wizard Knightley Kreations.

Wig Styling Workshop with Nomes Cosplay at CosXPo 2020

Nomes Cosplay will be returning with her magical wig styling workshop and we'll be kitting out the classroom with wigs.
Get your hairspray at the ready - this class gets busy really fast!

Moulding and Casting Workshop with Plunge Creations at CosXPo 2020

Time to get a bit more technical!

Join Keith from Plunge Creations Ltd and learn about moulding and casting techniques, and have an introduction to fibreglass, silicone, and more!


Introduction to Embroidery with Madi Does Cosplay at CosXPo 2020

Fancy trying hand embroidery? Grab a hoop and join Madi Does Cosplay who will be giving an introduction to hand embroidery and taking you through some simple stitches.

Pattern Your Own Bodice at CosXPo 2020 with Stephanie Dola

Back to the drawing board! Great cosplays start with a great pattern. Stephanie Dola will be guide you through drawing and designing your own pattern - the perfect foundation for making a beautiful bodice.

Jewellery Making Workshop

Take home your own hand-made piece of beautiful treasure. The talented Let's Go Fairily! will help you craft a stunning Victorian-style pendant in this beginners jewellery-making workshop.

Want your cosplay to look like you've stepped straight out of your favourite game? From Borderlands to the Telltale franchises, this popular art style is the bomb! Join Markverse Cosplay to paint your very own mask - learning tips and tricks to create that iconic 'cel-shaded' style.
The guys from 2K UK gifted us 30 PS4 amd 30 XBox 360 copies of Borderlands 3 which we'll be giving away on a first come, first serve basis to those who attend this workshop! 


As well as lots of learning to do, we made sure there was plenty of fun . to be had too! Like our senpais taking on the Speed Cosplay Challenge.

Level Up Leroy - CosXPo VIP Party

VIP ticket holders can join us in Mojo's Bar from 6PM onwards to let their hair down, grab a drink and enjoy a night of great music from Level Up Leroy.

CosXPo Senpai Speed Challenge

Watch our CosXPo 2022 Senpais battle it out in the head-to-head Senpai Speed Challenge. With 30 minutes on the clock - what can they achieve?

CosXPo Generation Game

Are you and a friend ready to learn from the experts and take on fun challenges for a chance to win prizes? We'll be hosting our very own version of popular UK show The Generation Game and we want you to sign up today! Deadline is 30th March.

Pub Quiz at CosXPo 2020

Grab your team, some drinks and pull up a chair - the CosXPo Friday Pub Quiz is back for another year. Make sure you get there early as this can get super busy!

Cosplay Life Hacks

Join this panel to learn all the tips, tricks and cheats to make your cosplay life and next project just that little bit easier.

Secretlab Raffle at CosXPo

Want to be in for a chance to win an incredible Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 (kindly given to us by our sponsor Secretlab)? Head over to our box office during both days of #CosXPo2022 and enter our charity raffle. ⁠

All money raised will be donated to SpecialEffect - an incredible charity that enables people with severe physical disabilities to use technology for video games, using whichever part(s) of their body that work best. Chin, foot, finger, toe, eyes, knee or head control; they’ll find a way.⁠

Tickets will cost £1 and a full strip will be £5 - so let's raise some money and make a difference to someone's life!⁠

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