CosXPo Photo Edit Challenge

Want to win £70 worth of prizes? Photographers this one’s for you, we want to see your editing skills!

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After the success of our first event in March 2018 we've decide to make CosXPo 2019 a two day event! So cosplayers get planning those two costumes, photographers get your photoshoots arranged! 

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  • CosXPo was the best cosplay and photography orientated con I have ever been to. Flew over from Ireland for CosXPo, and it is 100% worth the trip for any cosplayer. I'll be back in 2019!
    War Panda Cosplay
  • CosXPo is exactly the event that the UK con scene needs right now. I was able to get gorgeous shots of friends in such a relaxed atmosphere, would highly recommend to cosplayers, photographers and videographers alike!
    Videographer -
  • CosXPo showed me once again how much love the community has to offer. I got to work with extremely skilled photographers, see my dearest UK friends and it was more than worth the trip all the way from Switzerland. 10/10 would come again.
    Sodiumcat Art and Cosplay
    Photo by Eugene Art. Photography
  • Never before has an event established a connection so strong with the cosplay community. CosXPo delivers exactly what the artistic community craves. 10/10.

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We are so excited to be joined by the talented Erza Cosplay, Santatory and Mowky Cosplay for our 2019 event!

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