24 March 2018

CosXPo is a convention focused on cosplayers. Our vision is to create a community that will bring together like minded individuals with a passion for craftsmanship, design, and gaming. CosXPo 2018 will be held at the University of Reading.

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Travel Details

Set Designs

Designs are underway for our photography area themed sets. We'll be updating the blog with progress on the builds as and when they happen so you can be as excited as we are!

Programme Plan

Wondering what’s on at CosXPo? We’re in the process of creating the programme plan, which includes our master class line up and various activities around the convention.

Full Day Tickets Sold

The tickets to our 18+ exclusive after party is selling fast! Get yours here!

With the convention being created, organised and funded entirely by the CosXPo team, anyone buying tickets early on will be helping to make our convention bigger and better! So if you’re waiting for more information, your purchase could be the next push for more finalised content. Thanks in advance!

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