CosXPo 2022 - The UK's best event focusing on the art of cosplay

Create. Learn. Master!

Glue guns and sewing machines at the ready? Round 3 of CosXPo is coming in 2022!

Set the date for 8th - 9th April at the University of Reading for the UK's best event focusing solely on the art of cosplay and mastering your crafting skills.

A huge thanks to Electrospectrum and CinelFilm for the footage and FreshCrewStudios for making the video.

Senpais, Assemble!

We're sending our team out to locate crafting senpais from around Europe to share their skills, knowledge and tips with you.

All the workshops!

We're doing our research and bringing you more live demos, more panels, more entertainment and more hands on learning.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Get ready to strike a pose as we're looking at new set design opportunities to best show off your cosplay creations. 

COVID Guidelines for CosXPo 2022

The safety of our attendees and crew is paramount. To ensure the safety of everyone, on entry please provide proof of either:

  • - A negative lateral flow or PCR test taken within the last 48 hours;
  • - Valid proof of vaccination.

We will also be adhering to the latest government guidelines on the days of the event.

For more information on national guidelines, please visit the government website.

Our 2022 Senpais

Bringing the best of the best from around Europe to share
their knowledge, skills, hints and tips with you!

CosXPo 2020 Senpai - Papa Cosplay

Papa Cosplay

Photo by Alive Alf Photography

CosXPo 2020 Senpai - Artyfakes


Photo by Laughing Orc Photography

CosXPo 2020 Senpai - Mistvein Cosplay

Mistvein Cosplay

Photo by Brice Barrett

Our 2022 Sponsors

A huge thanks to our sponsors who continue to help CosXPo grow year on year.

Artyfakes logo

CosXPo Sponsor Dremel

Secretlab Logo



  • Great convention and event for cosplayers and photographers and anything in between. From panels and workshops for all to having photoshoots in a wide assortment of scenery such as ancient rock formations, forests, and cherry blossoms gardens to a sci-fi backdrop. Plus you get to meet all the awesome and lovely people there. There's no other convention like this.
  • “CosXPo is such an amazing convention for cosplayers! Plenty of opportunity to learn new skills, take beautiful pictures and meet some of the loveliest people in the UK convention scene!”
  • “CosXpo was the first Cosplay event Dremel has been to and it was amazing to see so many people with so much passion, excitement and skill levels want to bring characters that mean so much to them alive! And it’s always good to see new and existing users get excited to play with Dremel tools too.”
    Dremel UK
    CosXPo Sponsor
  • CosXPo was the best cosplay and photography orientated con I have ever been to. Flew over from Ireland for CosXPo, and it is 100% worth the trip for any cosplayer.
    War Panda Cosplay
  • CosXPo is exactly the event that the UK con scene needs right now. I was able to get gorgeous shots of friends in such a relaxed atmosphere, would highly recommend to cosplayers, photographers and videographers alike!
    Videographer -
  • CosXPo showed me once again how much love the community has to offer. I got to work with extremely skilled photographers, see my dearest UK friends and it was more than worth the trip all the way from Switzerland. 10/10 would come again.
    Sodiumcat Art and Cosplay
    Photo by Eugene Art. Photography
  • Never before has an event established a connection so strong with the cosplay community. CosXPo delivers exactly what the artistic community craves. 10/10.


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