What is CosXPo?

CosXPo is a new UK event that will focus on the art of cosplaying. We had such great success at our first event in March 2018 that we'll be hosting our second event on 5-6th April 2019!
The team behind CosXPo are all frequent attendees of events throughout the year, with interests in various geek-esque areas from games to film, comics to cartoon, but we all have one thing in common- we love cosplay!

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Cosplayers: Left Tobias Dust - Centre Kaldorei Cosplay - Right Laura Sindall 
Photographers: Left Cat&Crown Artwork - Centre FreshCrewStudios - Right So Say We All


For the CosXPo team, and many others, cosplaying brings a whole new atmosphere to an event. Showcasing your skills, entering competitions, meeting people from the same fandoms, and even developing self confidence, it all comes hand in hand with cosplay. With cosplayers, come photographers, and so we decided to create an event where both can be the main focus.


So what sets CosXPo apart?

Photography Sets

Because of the collaboration between Cosplayers and Photographers, we custom make our own physical sets with awesome back drops and props for ANYONE to use throughout the day!

We're working on new set designs for CosXPo 2019 so keep your eye out for our new concepts coming soon!

Hands on Workshops

Run by real experts of various fields in both cosplay and photography. Our workshops are aimed at anyone from those wanting to develop their skills, to those starting out in the cosplay world.

We're rounding up our wig wizards, worbla workers, foam fanatics, and more, so keep your eyes pealed for schedule announcements for CosXPo 2019 coming soon.


Pictured: Wig master Nomes Cosplay

The CosXPo Cosplay Championships

We had some truly outstanding costumes entered into our 2018 Championships and we can't wait to see what you bring us at CosXPo 2019!

We had a prize pool of over £1200 at our March event, including gaming chairs, prop building courses, and airbrush kits. We'll be releasing information on our prizes for CosXPo 2019 soon!

Easy United Cosplay Lab

Experiment with different materials and tools along with small group style teaching for subject includes gems casting workshop and practical hand embroidery class.

Join in with games!

Not all cosplay is "srs bsns" which is why we add plenty of time for fun and games at our events. We're putting together our confirmed schedule this year but look forward to speed cosplays, pub quizzes, and treasure hunts.

If you have an idea or would like to host a panel, please email your suggestions to content@cosxpo.com

And most importantly - YOU!

The cosplay community has been a huge support throughout our journey, and we cannot wait to bring you more in the future! 

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