What is CosXPo?

CosXPo is a new convention that will focus on the art of cosplaying. The team behind the upcoming convention are all frequent con-goers, with interests in various geek-esque areas from games to film, comics to cartoon, but we all have one thing in common- we are all cosplayers!

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Left: Shibeez&Milou Cosplay Centre: Néréide Cosplay Right: Kenny Cosplay Stuff
Photos: Allpo Dayo


The convention scene has expanded significantly over the past few years, the more established conventions are now seeing in hundreds of thousands of guests, and newer conventions have began to focus on different areas, such as gaming, anime, film, or comics. Some have even started based on one particular show, like Survival Con and Star Wars Celebration.

For the CosXPo team, and many others, cosplaying brings a whole new atmosphere to conventions. Showcasing your skills, entering competitions, meeting people from the same fandoms, and even developing self confidence, all come hand in hand with cosplaying, and because of this we aimed to create a convention where cosplay can be the main focus.


What sets CosXPo apart?

Master Classes: Our master classes aim to be more interactive than the usual lecture panels that often taken place at conventions. They will be run by real experts of various fields, and will involve anyone wanting to develop their skills in certain areas further, with the opportunity for real time practise for audience members and the chance for better interaction.

Dedicated Photography Area: With cosplayers come photographers, and with both among us we can all agree we are bored of carparks and crowded halls when trying to get the perfect shot of a cosplay. Because of this we’re including a dedicated photography area with physical sets, where cosplayers can really bring their characters to life. The themed sets will be designed and created by our teams, and with a team of cosplayers you can be sure they’ll be top notch!


The CosXPo Cosplay Championships: The big event will be our cosplay competition and we endeavour to set a new bar in the competitive cosplay game. Entrants will need to impress the judges with strong displays of skill, dedication, and innovation. Whether you’re a sewing machine master; a prop legend; or a wig wizard; the competition will be high. We decided to set the bar higher for our championships to really showcase the efforts that people put into their costumes, whether they spend £1000s or use junk around their house, if they can create a showstopping costume, it deserves to be shown among other great creations.