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What's CosXPo All About?

CosXPo is a UK event that focuses on building crafting skills, photography skills and celebrating the art of cosplay.

We're planning our 4th event coming to you in 2023 and can't wait to make this year bigger and better than before.

As well as our yearly event we work with businesses to connect them with the cosplay community. Find out how we can support your goals through Our Services.

Our Team.

The team behind CosXPo all regularly attend cosplay focused events, and we're all self-proclaimed nerds who love games, film, comics, cartoons. And we all have one thing in common - we love cosplay! So we created an event which focuses on all things cosplay, photography, collaboration, crafting skills, knowledge sharing, and technique mastering.

What People Say.


CosXPo was the first cosplay event Dremel has been to and it was amazing to see so many people with so much passion, excitement and skill levels want to bring characters that mean so much to them alive! 


Never before has an event established a connection so strong with the cosplay community. CosXPo delivers exactly what the artistic community craves. 10/10.

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